Taming Your Sabre Toothed Tiger!



Helen Kimber Msc Nut Med. Founder of Hero Lifestyle

Founded by Helen Kimber in March 2019 and winning new business start Up of the year only 8 months later, Hero Lifestyle provides bespoke nutrition workshops and seminars to businesses who want to invest in their staff. These memorable workshops give staff tools they can start to use immediately for their wellbeing.
With a Masters’ degree in nutritional medicine, extensive study with the National Centre for Eating Disorders and a member of The Strategic Centre for Obesity Professional Education (SCOPE), Helen has been involved in nutrition education, coaching and speaking for over 25 years. As well as a running a clinical nutrition practise, she is also a trained fitness instructor, personal trainer and yoga teacher.

Helen works with many companies providing wellbeing workshops focussing on nutrition and its link with the issues faced in today’s fast paced environment.

These workshops are informative, engaging and empower staff to cope with the demands they face by understanding the amazing machine called the human body and the fuel called food. In turn helping businesses maintain staff motivation, reduce attrition, and increase productivity and profitability.
Helen is passionate about ensuring the people she works with are given information tools and guidance to live life optimally and ultimately to become their own Heroes!

Helen has delivered workshops for several organisations including the Office for National Statistics, Talk Talk, HSS Hire, professional football clubs and several charities.