Taming Your Sabre Toothed Tiger!



Using nutrition and other tools to manage stress better

We are all affected by stress and there is so much information in regard to coping strategies for stress. Stress, both physical and psychological, has a major detrimental effect on nutritional status. If the fuel we call food is not provided to the amazing machine we call the human body then no amount of breath work and meditation will help to manufacture the key chemicals - enzymes, neurotransmitters and hormones - necessary to maintain health and wellbeing.


This webinar will discuss:

  • How stress and how nutrition can have an impact on both physiology and psychology.
  • How stress manifests both physically and psychologically enabling them to recognise their own stress responses. 
  • Easy to use tools that delegates can start to use straight away to help them cope with the stresses they encounter in their daily lives, which will help them feel stronger and more resilient potentially reducing sickness, attrition and increasing morale.

Target Audience


FE & Skills sector.