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heather MCDAID

safeguarding consultant, ECP

Heather has worked with children, young people, adults at risk and the professionals who support and educate them. Mental health has always been a huge component to her work from formal safeguarding processes, referrals and supervisions to the informal cultivation of a positive culture of open non stigmatized approach around mental health. Both are hugely important. Heather has worked in/with small grass roots organisations, large national charities, international organisations, and educational environments. Her work has taken her on a journey from front line practitioner, management, senior leadership, Designated safeguarding lead to now a Safeguarding Consultant with Education Child Protection. Mental health isn’t just something which Heather takes a professional interest in; it is something she is immensely passionate about and volunteers with Shout a mental Health charity as a crisis volunteer as well as working with the Soho Angel’s in Westminster.