World Nuclear Spotlight Kazakhstan 
15 April 2024, Almaty  


World Nuclear Spotlight is an international event held in a country considering starting or re-starting a civilian nuclear power programme. The event brings together national policymakers and stakeholders and international industry leaders to exchange views and experiences on the implementation of nuclear power programmes.

Kazakhstan will hold a referendum on the construction of a nuclear power plant in the country in 2024. World Nuclear Association in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy, Republic of Kazakhstan is holding World Nuclear Spotlight Kazakhstan. Delegates of World Nuclear Spotlight Kazakhstan will hear about and exchange views on the specific Kazakhstan requirements for deployment of nuclear power, the global landscape, and opportunities for the country in driving forward its nuclear power plans.    

Advanced registration is required. The deadline to register is Wednesday 10 April (17:00 BST).

Time zone change

Please note that as of the 1 March, Kazakhstan has transitioned to a single time zone, UTC+5. We encourage delegates to double-check their devices and meeting times to ensure that updates have been made accordingly.

Travel update

Despite recent travel disruptions in the Middle East, we wanted to reassure you that Spotlight Kazakhstan in Almaty, Kazakhstan is proceeding as scheduled. Please inform us if you are experiencing disruptions to your plans or if have any additional inquiries.


World Nuclear Spotlight Brazil brought together key players in the national & international nuclear industry. It was a great opportunity to provide a clearer vision of the status of the nuclear development in Brazil, & to present its exciting prospects.

Mr. Carlos Freire Moreira, President, Indústrias Nucleares do Brasil (INB), Speaker 

Rixos Almaty

Seyfullin Avenue 506/99, Almaty, , 

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