Shipping Information


To ensure your packages get delivered to the appropriate place, please update the fields highlighted in yellow and have it taped on each box.
RE: 2021 NAITC Conference (Organization Name)
c/o Name of person picking up the box
730 3rd Street
Des Moines, IA 50309
Box #___ of ___
**To avoid storage fees, please do not ship your items to the Iowa Events Center earlier than Wednesday, June 23, 2021. **
Packages with correct labels will be delivered to Meeting Room 332* by the Iowa Events Center team. You'll be able to pick up your package from Meeting Room 332. Meeting Room 332 will be locked, and keys will be available at the NAITC Regisitration & Information Desk. 
*Meeting room subject to change. 


Iowa Events Center does NOT have a FedEx or UPS office on site. Please bring your pre-printed shipping label with your account number already on the label for your outgoing packages.
Packages with pre-paid labels will be picked up from Meeting Room 332* on Thursday, July 1, 2021 by the Iowa Events Center team and taken to their command center where the appropriatete shipping company will pick up all outgoing packages. 
NAITCO and the Iowa Events Center are not responsible for any packages left in Meeting Room 332 without pre-paid labels on them. Please do NOT put your credit card information on the label and leave it in Meeting Room 332. 
If you do not have your own FedEx or UPS account, you can coordinate your outgoing packages with Iowa Events Center directly. There will be outgoing shipping fees for which you will be responsible for. Please call (515-564-8000) or visit the Iowa Events Center Administration office located on the skywalk level of Hy-Vee Hall to ask about shipping. The receptionist can gather your shipping information and credit card details and schedule your outgoing shipment. 
*Meeting room subject to change.