23rd edition of the International Conference on Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis



Pyrolysis includes the thermal degradation of materials at various conditions.

Analytical pyrolysis refers to microscale techniques like Py-GC/MS and TGA-GC/MS

Applied pyrolysis considers reaction and engineering aspects of processes like fast pyrolysis, carbonization and torrefaction.

Catalysts and reactants (like hydrogen) may be involved at various stages, as well as in in secondary upgrading processes.

Products of pyrolysis are gases, vapors, condensed liquids, and (partially) devolatilized solids like for instance biochar




1.       Progress in  analysis and analytical instrumentation

2.       Analytical pyrolysis / environment, cultural heritage, food, medical

3.       Analytical pyrolysis of coal, biomass, waste, polymers and plastics

4.       Analytical and applied catalytic (hydro) pyrolysis

5.       Reaction mechanisms and kinetics / modelling and experimentation

6.       Applied pyrolysis of coal, biomass and waste: bench scale testing

7.       Applied pyrolysis of coal, biomass and waste: PDU and large scale operation

8.       Applied pyrolysis for recycling of polymers and plastics

9.       Hydrothermal and solvent liquefaction; hydrothermal carbonization

10.   Product stabilization, separation, purification and (catalytic) upgrading

11.   Product characterization and utilization

12.   Techno-economic and environmental assessments