Special Features

Our 2022 Convention offers a host of new online education and networking opportunities!



Learn: Hear from LTC and Seniors' Care Leaders

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to hear directly from Ontario leaders and top companies, all in one place.

The Morning Show

Join AdvantAge Ontario CEO Lisa Levin as she officially kicks off the day’s events! Hear the highlights of the daily Convention agenda, meet our special guests and engage with other attendees via polls and chats. 

Cutting Edge Long-Term Care Education 

Dive in to Game Changer Keynote talks, Prime Time standalone educational sessions and long-term care panel discussions designed not just to inform and educate, but to inspire and elevate!

The 5 Minute Report Video Series

Get quick solutions to common problems in long-term care through our 5 Minute Report Video Series! Hosted by our corporate partners, each short video explains how the business can help you solve a common problem through innovative thinking, technology or best practices.

Network: Connect with Long-Term Care Colleagues

Our 2022 Convention offers a host of exciting new opportunities to safely meet with friends and colleagues.

Private, one-on-one conversations with colleagues and friends

This feature was so popular in 2021, we brought it back for 2022! If you see your friend or colleague taking part in an education session or public chat, just click on their name, send an invitation, and immediately connect in a private, one-on-one video chat! It's easy and safe!

Pre-Show Connection Café & Morning Kick-Off Brain Game

Get your mojo going every morning with our fun, interactive networking activities before the education sessions begin. Plus: Log on an join us to get your creative juices flowing with a challenging pre-show engagement activity to start the day. 

Knowledge Exchange

Facilitator Jan Keck will introduce this fun series of breakout conversations on a broad range of relevant, engaging topics. Get to know your colleagues and peers in a casual, interactive chat!

Explore: Expand Your Horizons in 2022

Convention 2022 is designed to help you learn, connect and grow.

Online Trade Show

Our popular trade show offers a state-of-the-art online experience that includes access to on-demand videos, downloadable brochures and live, one-on-one conversations with company representatives.

Scaventure Hunt

Back by popular demand! Explore the Convention platform, collect codes, and win fantastic prizes donated by our generous sponsors. What will you find online this year?

Exploration Time

Say goodbye to Zoom fatigue with these fun, engaging activities designed to delight and inspire. These were a huge hit in 2021 and we're excited to offer them again in 2022!

  • Visit the virtual exhibitors to learn about great products and services
  • Check out the 5-Minute Video Series to get solutions to your biggest challenges
  • Win prizes through the Scaventure Hunt by searching for clues throughout the platform
  • Watch the Keep Calm and Cook On video series for awesome recipes
  • Join the Keep Calm and Stress Less video series to improve your body, mind and soul
  • Network and meet up with colleagues to talk shop


AdvantAge Ontario 2022 Convention

April 20-21, 2022

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