Special Features

Our 2021 Convention offers a host of new online education and networking opportunities!



Learn: Hear from LTC and Seniors' Care Leaders

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to hear directly from Ontario leaders and top companies, all in one place.

The Anchor Desk

Join AdvantAge Ontario CEO Lisa Levin as she officially kicks off the day’s events. Come to hear about program highlights and updates to the daily Convention agenda while interacting with other attendees via polls and chats. Lisa will share the latest news related to the long-term care sector and welcome special guest speakers each morning. This is a not-to-be-missed stop on your Convention itinerary.

Five-Minute Solutions

Join us in the brand-new solutions-based 5 Minute Video Lounge to take in more than a dozen short videos that provide quick solutions to a common problem in long-term care!

Guest Speakers

We've invited Ontario Premier Doug Ford, Deputy Premier and Minister of Health Christine Elliott and Minister of Long-Term Care Merrilee Fullerton. Join us to hear from these and other government officials!


Network: An Opportunity to Reconnect

Our 2021 Convention offers a host of exciting new opportunities to safely meet with friends and colleagues.

Private, one-on-one conversations with colleagues and friends

If you see your friend or colleague attending an education session or taking part in a public chat, you can click on their name, send an invitation, and immediately connect in a private, one-on-one video chat! It's easy, safe and entirely secure.

Birds of a Feather Sessions

Enjoy live, informal, small-group discussions on role-related topics ranging from administration and human resources to nutrition and medication management. Cameras on, microphones open, and no more than 25 people in a group!

Chatterbox Sessions

These fun, relaxed, live online group chats happen with cameras on, microphones open and less than two dozen people in the room! Join us for lighthearted conversations on topics ranging from pets and vacation plans to favourite hikes and hobbies.

Lunch of Champions

Lead by expert facilitators, these conversational sessions will cover cutting-edge topics including diversity training and pandemic leadership. 


Explore: Expand Your Horizons in 2021

Convention 2021 is designed to help you learn, connect and grow.

Online Trade Show

Our sold-out trade show offers a state-of-the-art online experience that includes access to on-demand videos, downloadable brochures and live, one-on-one conversations with company representatives!

Exploration Time

Beat Zoom fatigue with these short, fun online events. We'll have wellness breaks like Easy Chair Yoga and Body Stress Release, mental health breaks with Trish Tutton, and Food for Thought sessions that tackle the art of chocolate bark and the perfect caesar.

Scaventure Hunt

Explore the Convention platform, collect codes, and win fantastic prizes donated by our sponsors!

Pre-Show with MC Jan Keck

Get valuable tips for successfully navigating and making the most of the virtual platform. Learn more about special features, how to access help desk support, and how to network with colleagues. Host Jan Keck will be there to greet and delight you with contests and other fun surprises. 



Thank You to Our 2021 Convention Sponsors


AdvantAge Ontario 2022 Convention
April 20-21, 2022
AdvantAge Ontario 2022 Convention
April 20-21, 2022

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