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Robyne Hanley-Dafoe

Hope-Forward: Steadying Ourselves as the Pandemic Recedes 

Humans are hardwired for struggle. We adapt and find innovative ways of showing up the best we can under adversity. But, we are not wired to be in a constant state of crisis management. Our persistence through two years of stress, grief, pain, change, and uncertainty has come at a cost for many. It may have left you, your organization, and teams tired, depleted, and wobbly.

With warmth, energy, and research-based insight, workplace wellness expert Robyne Hanley-Dafoe shares how to plan for your own and your team's emergence from a crisis mode of work and re-entry into a more typical pace and norms. She will speak about the importance of acknowledging and learning from the difficult past everyone has been through and will explore a conceptual framework for re-entry readiness based on principles of psychological safety, resiliency, and productivity with purpose. Learn how to ease the burden and move forward with hope through practical self-care "comeback rate" practices that help return us to a state of feeling okay, engaging with forces that help us to recover, and developing a greater awareness of ourselves and others.

Robyne Hanley-Dafoe is a multi-award-winning psychology and education instructor who specializes in resiliency, navigating stress and change, leadership, and personal wellness in the workplace. She has worked within post-secondary education in a variety of roles, bringing wise practices for professional development, research, learning and authentic change. She holds a Doctor of Education from Western University.

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Jill Hewlett

Recovery and Resilience: Reclaim Your Brain

You can’t always reset your day, but you can reset your brain, using regular practices and techniques to overcome the unexpected detours, disappointments, and demands that have been so much a part of our work and daily lives over the last two years.

Join brain fitness and wellness expert Jill Hewlett as she guides you through quick, fun, and effective “brain sculpting” techniques that you and your teams can use to quickly recognize signs of stress and shift into a sense of inner calm and balance. Jill will share practical insights from neuroscience and powerful tools such as Brain Gym to help build the neural pathways that influence a sense of positivity and motivation, even under challenging circumstances. You’ll learn how to make these techniques stick over the long term, and not only how to use them, but when. Be amazed by the results as you experiment with moving from reactivity to responsiveness, confusion to clarity, and stress to balance – skills we all could use to better navigate our workdays, care for our residents, and maintain our own overall wellness.

Jill Hewlett is an internationally-recognized speaker, trainer, and wellness TV personality. She is a Brain Gym® consultant of almost two decades and author of Common Sense, Uncommonly Practiced and Uncommon Sense … Put into Practice. Jill's work is based on a joy and passion for assisting others in connecting with their potential, implementing brain-building and wellness strategies, and making healthy and empowered choices and changes so they can create a fit brain, leading to a fit life. .


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Adam Growe

It's Trivia Time! The Adam Growe Quiz Show

Give yourself the gift of laughter and take a breather from more serious concerns as we close out Convention through a virtual ride with “Cash Cab” guy, Adam Growe. Just like the Cash Cab television game show, Adam’s audience is treated to a hilarious mix of comedy act and spirited trivia competition among a small group of willing attendees. Everyone has a chance to earn points and prizes by playing along with the contestants in real time via a mobile phone or internet browser. Take this much-needed opportunity to tickle your funny bone and join your fellow convention-goers on a light-hearted trip down the trivia highway. It’s one ride you won’t soon forget!

Adam Growe has been performing on radio, television, stage, and at conferences and events for more than 30 years. In addition to hosting Discovery Channel’s Cash Cab, he is an accomplished stand-up comedian, appearing in shows such as Just for Laughs, Comedy NOW!, and CBS’s Star Search.

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April 20-21, 2022

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