PowerPoint Presentations: Best PractiCe and Making them Interactive as Learning Resources

Carolyn Lewis, Managing Director, eLearning Marketplace

wEDNESDAY, 30 SEPTEMBER 2020  |  10:00 am - 11:15 am




PoweRPoint Presentations: Best Practice and Making them Interactive as Learning Resources


Engaging your Audience and Learners with Power Point

This webinar demonstrates how to use PowerPoint functionality to engage your audience; whether a webinar, classroom delivery or an online learning resource.

Nothing makes an audience glaze over more than a text heavy presentation so we will look at best practice in presentation design.

Presentations designed for face to face delivery or webinars are not suitable as online learning resources. We will take a look at some simple techniques and tools for creating engaging interactive learning resources using PowerPoint, some of which can be tracked on a learning management system.




This webinar will:

  • Identify best practice in designing and delivering presentations.
  • Use PowerPoint functionality to engage audiences.
  • User PowerPoint to create interactive learning resources.
  • Identify tools to convert PowerPoint learning resources into files that can be trackable on a learning management system.

Target Audience


Trainers, presenters, curriculum designers, and those planning and implementing blended learning programmes.