PoweRPoint Presentations: Best Practice and Making them Interactive as Learning Resources


PowerPoint Presentations: Best PractiCe and Making them Interactive as Learning Resources

Carolyn Lewis, Managing Director, eLearning Marketplace

wEDNESDAY, 30 SEPTEMBER 2020  |  10:00 am - 11:15 am



Carolyn Lewis

Managing Director, eLearning Marketplace

Carolyn Lewis is a work based learning consultant specialising in the application of information and learning technologies in the work based learning sector. Prior to starting her own companies, Vocational Innovation Ltd and the eLearning Marketplace Ltd, Carolyn spent over 20 years in the FE and Skills sector where she combined her experience of the management of government funded programmes, quality assurance as an external verifier and her IT experience in the private sector, with her passion for developing innovative approaches to delivering work based learning.

Carolyn managed the JISC remit for supporting the work based learning sector in England and Wales and she was also Projector Director of the £2 million London Assessor project, which trained and qualified over 600 individuals to join the work based learning sector in London. In the past few years Carolyn has been leading a variety of projects and working with numerous training providers to enhance and bring efficiencies to their provision through the use of innovative solutions.