Connie Sweet

Connie Sweet

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Connection Graphics founded in 2007 and, ten years later, she added digital content creation and brand consultations services. They are producing their graphic design and publication work in their 1917 schoolhouse near Lansing, which has gained
national recognition.

Connie and Floriza Genautis are co-founders of Women in Successful Enterprises (WISE) in Grand Rapids. Connie also organized Women-Connect, in Charlotte and co-founded a Women-Owned Mastermind in Lansing. Connie has served on many non-profit boards, including the Entrepreneur Institute of Mid-Michigan. Connie is the current chair for the West Michigan Women’s Forum for Great Lakes Women’s Business Council and donates services to select local and international non-profit organizations.

Connie Sweet’s expertise in graphic design, communication, marketing, and brand support has helped each organization she has worked with excel. With each life and business transition, Connie dedicates herself to helping individuals and organizations achieve success and stay connected to the people and places that matter.

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