Annebelle V. Duncan

Annebelle V. Duncan, MA, RSST, EIPA

Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Known affectionately by family and friends, as Anne; she and her 2 brothers were raised by deaf parents. As a coda- a child of deaf adults, Anne grew up in a home where 2 cultures existed, deaf and hearing.

As a result of her childhood experiences, she became an advocate for the Deaf community and a sign language interpreter for her parents at a young age. Her lifelong experiences and biases she and her family endured due to her parents being deaf, gave Anne the fortitude, determination, and knowledge to create a company with the Deaf community in mind. 

Anne was given the idea to begin her own company, BHIS-Blessed Hands Interpreting Services, LLC in 2001. 
Annebelle is a participant in the Detroit Business Growth Initiative program and has completed the 3rd Cohort training and BHIS has received three contracts since participating in the program. Annebelle’s BHIS company services the Detroit Metro area, Washington D.C., Hines, Illinois and Chicago, Illinois as well as, St Louis, Missouri.

Blessed Hands Interpreting Services