Candidature World's Poultry Congress Paris
  • 1st poultry producer in Europe for meat and eggs
  • 5th producer in the world for poultry meat
  • 2nd producer in the world for waterfowl production
Poultry meat production in European countries in 2010 (K Tons)                Egg production in European countries in 2010 (in millions)
The marketed products, meat and eggs, represent a total of 3 billion euros and the poultry exchanges show a positive balance with an excess of exports (387 million euros in 2010). The French poultry sector represents more than 14000 farmers. About 28000 employees are working for the slaughterhouses. An important part of the feed for broilers and layers originate from French crop production, for more than 8 million tons, equivalent to 40% of the total crop production in France. Feed and premix companies are strong economic players in all the poultry chain, they greatly supported the European Symposium of Poultry Nutrition and the Poultry conference organized by the WPSA French branch in Strasbourg and Tours, France, in 2007 and 2010.
  • A diversity of species: chicken, turkey, Pekin duck, Muscovy duck, guinea-fowl, goose, quail, pigeon, etc..
  • A diversity of production systems: quality signs to certify both the production system and the quality of the final product
  • Gastronomy, health & poultry: products known worldwide
  • Technological innovation: in egg products or prepared meat products