Women Leading Education
About WLE

In 2007 a small group of international scholars met in Italy. The purpose of the conference arose out of a shared concern about the world-wide under-representation of women in educational leadership. The discussions focused not only on sharing scholarship but also, and more importantly, on how those at the conference could work together to advance and document women’s educational leadership worldwide.

Since then the group has met biannually in Germany (2009), Greece (2011) and Ghana (2013). In 2015 the conference will be held in Aotearoa, New Zealand. At the heart of each gathering has been a celebration of women’s leadership and a commitment to social justice and action, especially in our support of women in economically developing nations. From each of these conferences collaborative research and several notable publications have resulted.

The conferences are small with the numbers of (mainly) women attending ranging between 35 and 50. This means they are warm, intimate affairs that encourage shared conversations and participation, so often not the case with very large international conferences.