2017 Shock Compression of Condensed Matter Conference

Author Instructions

General Information

The proceedings will be published as the 20th Biennial APS Conference on Shock Compression of Condensed Matter (SCCM17) by AIP Publishing. The proceedings will be published online ­only, and will be permanently free­ to ­read and available to researchers worldwide without any fee to access or download the papers. No bound copies will be distributed.

Where to send your paper

Manuscripts, prepared according to the author guidelines (also includes templates), should be submitted via the PXP website. The manuscript submission site opens on July 1, 2017. The deadline to submit manuscripts is August 31, 2017.

Manuscript Length

Authors should aim for the following page lengths for their manuscripts:

Contributed talks and posters – 5 pages

Invited talks – 10 pages

Plenary talks – 12 pages

Manuscript Preparation

Authors are asked to prepare their papers using standard AIP Microsoft Word or LaTeX templates. Full instructions on preparing your paper, along with templates, can be found on the AIP website. The current AIP format is single column. We will not accept manuscripts formatted with the legacy two-column format. All authors are advised to download the latest templates.

Key Points:

  • Do not alter or change the AIP template
  • Do not add page numbers, headers, or footers
  • Embed all fonts into your manuscript PDF
  • Use clear, legible graphics and diagrams.
  • Do not use copyrighted material without permission.

License to Publish Agreement

A properly completed license to publish agreement is required for all submissions. To minimize the time for publication of the proceeding, we ask that authors take time to carefully fill out the agreement. Manuscripts submission (or re-submissions) that do not have a properly completed license to publish agreement will be returned immediately. Authors should take care if they change the author list and/or manuscript title during the review process. Changing either the title or author list will require a new license to publish agreement to be submitted.

  • US Government Employee – If the author is a U.S. Government employee (For example NIST, AFRL, etc.), he/she will need to sign the agreement in the area designated for U.S. Government employees.
  • US National Laboratories – If the author is from an institution that is sponsored by the U.S. Government but independently run (for example, LLNL, Argonne, Sandia, etc.), then the author will sign in the normal area like an academic institution. Note: For some of these U.S. Government sponsored institutions, there is a designated individual who is authorized to sign for these institutions. Authors please check with your home institutions for your local policies.
  • Authors from outside of the U.S. – For some authors in countries outside of the U.S., additional paperwork may be needed in addition to the license to publish agreement. A common example is an author from the U.K. requiring a Crown agreement. For such cases, it is the authors’ responsibility to supply all supporting documents. Changing the author list or paper title will require updated versions of all documents.