RI London 2020

14:20 - 17:50, 9th June, 133 Houndsditch

As the effects of climate change shape our world, investors are coming under increasing pressure to integrate ESG into their processes. For asset owners who rely on external managers, it is vital to be able to understand and monitor the integration process. For those selecting funds on behalf of their clients, it is important to validate how ESG is being incorporated and if it is being done on a consistent basis.
This ESG in Manager Selection Workshop will feature case studies from asset owners, investment consultants and other institutional manager selectors explaining how they incorporate ESG into their decisions when awarding mandates and monitoring the successful managers across different asset classes.
Who should attend
Institutional marketers, sales, analysts, portfolio managers, product specialists, RFP writers and those involved in the proposal/sales.
The workshop will consist of 6 stand-alone presentations from asset owners and investment consultants, each showcasing a case-study covering ESG integration, manager selection and monitoring, including a review of the key challenges faced and lessons learned. 
20 min presentation followed by 10 min Q&A
2020 Speakers

Luba Nikulina, Managing Director, Head of Research, Willis Tower Watson will speak about assessing the culture of a money manager and its importance to manager selection and monitoring. 

Helen Price, Stewardship Manager, Brunel Pension Partnership will present on improving the sustainability and resilience of asset management firms and investment strategies by selecting managers with diverse teams and moving away from reliance on individual star portfolio managers. 

Helen Hopkins, Senior Responsible Investment Adviser, USS Investment Management will share her insights about selecting external fund managers across asset classes through the ESG lens. 

Adrian Furnham, Professor, Norwegian Business School and Principal Behavioural Psychologist, Stamford Associates will speak about how behavioural science can help select and monitor managers; how does corporate culture impact performance.


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