OpenVMS Boot Camp 2015
Justification Letter for Attendance

Do you need help obtaining approval from management to attend the 2015 OpenVMS Boot Camp?
Download and print this Justification Letter.

Dear HP Manager,

As OpenVMS Special Interest Group Co-Chair and Boot Camp Content Chairperson, we would like to encourage you to demonstrate HP’s commitment to the OpenVMS platform by contributing to a strong showing for HP at the 2015 OpenVMS Boot Camp in September.

Who from HP should attend?

First and foremost, the Boot Camp is about technical content. HP and VSI speakers are key to delivering the most current information - from product updates to deep-dives into specific topics. Engineering speakers give us insight into directions and how things are supposed to work, while speakers from Support organizations have important lessons-learned and hints and tips. Speakers from associated divisions such as Storage, Blades, and System Management tool sets provide valuable information for attendees on how to optimize our systems within the greater environment.

Almost as important a purpose for the Boot Camp - and for some probably of greater importance - is networking and insight into HP’s and VSI’s strategy and direction. That’s where having a presence from and interaction with product managers, marketing, and leadership is key.

Why it’s important to your customers?

As you know, your OpenVMS customers are some of the most passionate and loyal customers that you could hope for.  They deserve to be reminded and reassured of HP’s commitment to what many of us believe to be the best operating system available. That demonstrable commitment gives your customers and partners the necessary confidence to return to their companies and their customers to continue or renew their advocacy for new or continued use of OpenVMS. It also encourages vendors to continue their support and development for their products on the platform.

What benefits are there for HP?

HP’s presence alone speaks volumes to your customers and partners, even those that are unable to attend this year. It communicates an appreciation for past and future business, and for our advocacy with other customers.

Attending Boot Camp affords HP the opportunity to meet with real customers, both formally and informally, and hear about how they are using OpenVMS and ancillary HP products to solve their business problems, and to identify areas where HP may be able to solve or improve their IT challenges.

The feedback they’ve received in the past from individual attendees, as well as collectively, has impacted product directions, strategies, and timelines. I’m convinced that product quality, team efficiency, and user reception to HP’s messaging has been enhanced as well, because Engineers are aware that they are working on the issues and enhancements that most matter to customers or that are most impactful.

Support personnel and their direct customers benefit as they hone their understanding of issues through their interactions with attendees, other support personnel, and engineers.

Time is of the essence.

Further session submissions are still being accepted, but scheduling has begun. Past experience tells us that many attendees delay registration until they see the full list of sessions and what HP’s participation is going to be. Session submissions from a selection of HP speakers have already been accepted for the event. As presenters, they are integral to the event and it is hoped that they would receive full HP management support. Any one session or speaker could have been the deciding factor for an attendee to register and make travel plans. Less than full support could also leave the Boot Camp with an unfortunate gap in content.

We hope to see a great turnout from HP, VSI, customers, and partners at this year’s OpenVMS Boot Camp!


Bill Pedersen
Connect OpenVMS SIG Co-Chair - Volunteer

Greg Guthman
2015 Boot Camp Program Chairperson - Volunteer