Due to the nature of the loading dock facilities at the Delta Hotel we strongly recommend using the services of our Official Supplier Freeman for this service. The facility may or may not accept your advance shipment of your exhibit material as they have very limited storage. Also deliveries cannot be made in large trucks due to the limited height restrictions at the loading dock. As part of the services provided by Freeman, they will store your shipments up to 30 days prior to show opening. They will deliver the shipment to your booth before Exhibitor setup time, remove the empties to off-site storage, return the empties for move out and bring the shipment to the dock for re shipping. Please call Freeman Exhibitor Service Department at 613 748-7180 ext. 234 or by email at Freemanottawaes@freeman.com for rates and explanation of their services.


There is no on site storage available for your empties.
All Exhibit material must leave the property at the end of the move out period.
Any shipments not removed from the show floor by the end of the move out time will be considered stranded freight and Freeman will remove the exhibit material from the facility. Any charges associated with Stranded Freight will be at the Exhibitor Expense.