Evacuation and Emergency Procedures
The alarm system is divided into two (2) stages:
  1. First Stage: Alarm sounds at 60 tones/minute
  2. Second Stage: General alarm (Evacuation) - alarm tone at 120 tones/minute.

At the sound of the first stage bell, announcements will be made regarding the location of the fire and evacuation instructions regarding full evacuation of the floor of the fire, as well as those floors directly above and below.

If asked to evacuate,
do not use the elevator.
There is a stairwell located at each end of the guest hallways, as well as in our meeting and public spaces. Hotel Associates, designated with a red “staff” armband will be located at the exits to assist in the evacuation process.

If weather does not permit for hotel guests and associates to remain outdoors during the investigation of the emergency, you may report to the lobby of the Ottawa Marriott, located at 100 Kent Street.