FT-ODX (Outstanding Directors Exchange) Palo Alto


To be eligible for the Outstanding Directors award, individuals must be an independent director of at least one publicly traded U.S. company. Nominations can originate from any source (e.g., Chairman, CEO, Corporate Secretary, fellow director) but must be seconded by at least one independent director who sits on a board with the candidate.

Nominations submitted from January through August will be considered in the same year. Those received from September through December will be held for consideration the following year.

Given the large number of nominations received each year, only those nominators whose candidates are finalists will hear directly from the Outstanding Directors Program. Thank you for your understanding.

Vetting and Selection of Winners

The Outstanding Directors program is ultimately responsible for naming each annual class of Outstanding Directors. We choose the award winners after consulting with members of our Advisory Board and completing our own extensive research into the candidates' companies and careers.

We look for:

  • Contributions that have "moved the needle" for the companies served.
  • Stories that demonstrate an effort well above and beyond the call of duty during critical periods.
  • Individuals who are admired by fellow directors for courage, integrity and consensus building skills.

If you know someone who fits this description, please contact Heather Wolf at Heather.Wolf@ft.com.