NCDM 2011

Pre-Conference Intensives Monday, December 12

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9:00 a.m.-11:45 a.m.


Unraveling the Mystery of Real-time Marketing

Adv, B2B, B2C

In this session you will learn how to engage and monetize the customer base with real-time database marketing. We will begin by reviewing key considerations in building the foundation for real-time marketing: a marketing database that is designed for real-time applications. Components covered will include real-time data entry, real-time data hygiene, real-time data append, real-time CDI and integration with source systems including a common definition of the customer. We will then move on to cover real-time reporting and advanced analytics. We will discuss how predictive analytics developed in batch mode can be complemented with a dynamic model scoring engine to realize the benefits of real-time optimization. Finally, we will discuss how marketers armed with a real-time marketing database can deploy real-time cross-channel campaigns designed to create relevance and loyalty. Examples include communications and interactions in diverse channels such as point of sale, customer service (call center), in-store (sales associates), email, mobile, and social to deliver messaging, customized recommendations and offer optimization driven by predictive analytics.


Devyani Sadh Devyani Sadh, CEO, Data Square
Devyani Sadh, Ph.D, is CEO and Founder of Data Square, a premier provider of data-driven solutions based on a unique fusion of marketing and campaign automation, advanced analytics, reporting, database management, and strategy. Dr. Sadh is a recognized industry expert, popular speaker, adviser, judge, board member and thought leader at national conferences, councils, and competitions. She is chair of the DMA's Analytics Council and has served as adjunct faculty at top tier universities. She currently teaches DMA's prestigious CRM and Database Marketing Seminar.


Start Segmenting Your Email Program Tomorrow

Int, B2B, B2C


Did you know that segmented email campaigns can drive three times the revenue per email over your broadcast media? In fact, when it comes to effectiveness, behavior-based, segmented email campaigns are second only to trigger-based, automated campaigns. However, many email marketers don't know where to start or stop because they believe the creative resources needed are too intense and overwhelming. In this intensive, we will explore how email marketers are quickly and easily segmenting their email campaigns to realize the increased relevance and revenue return from segmentation. Topics will include how to:

  • Identify key segment groups for your business
  • Clear the roadblocks to segmentation
  • Pinpoint "in-market" data and use it to segment your list
  • Utilize templates with dynamically populated product information for efficiency rather than executing multiple versions of creative
  • Track metrics to gauge the success of segmented campaigns vs. broadcast campaigns

You'll leave this session with the ability and excitement to start segmenting your email campaigns tomorrow!


Mike Hotz Mike Hotz, Associate Director of Strategic Services, Responsys .


 1:45 p.m.-4:30 p.m.


Enterprise Loyalty 101 - A Half-Day Primer on the Hottest Concept in Loyalty

Int, B2C,B2B

Have you been reading more and more about the groundbreaking concept of Enterprise Loyalty but are unsure what it is about? Are you hearing all the buzzwords but don't know what they mean? We'll put an end to the confusion and provide the basics to understanding and then building an Enterprise Loyalty strategy that will distinguish your organization from others. Enterprise Loyalty occurs when an organization puts all of its rich shopper information to work beyond the marketing department to shape pricing strategies, new-product development and even store layout. It means using the "what, when and where" of shopper behavior to align behind the single purpose of service. In this half-day session, our Enterprise Loyalty experts will illustrate the meaning, philosophy and execution of Enterprise Loyalty, using case studies to illustrate the strategies that bring it to life. You will get to participate in hands-on exercises that will illustrate the many ways Enerprise Loyalty can be deployed across the organization. And we'll discuss the role of front-line employees in making Enterprise Loyalty work. What is Enterprise Loyalty? You may come in with a head full of questions, but you will leave with the answers.


Stephanie Cohen, Partner, LoyaltyOne Consulting 


Lance Du Chateau Lance Du Chateau, Consultant, LoyaltyOne Consulting



Marketing ROI In A Digital World: New Techniques To Handle Traditional And Emerging Media

Int, B2B, B2C

The marketing landscape is more competitive and complex than ever before. With new, hard to quantify channels emerging and marketing spend outpacing revenue gains ensuring optimal interactions across all consumer touch points is increasing the need for seamless multichannel integration. Furthermore, marketers want to measure return on marketing spend - by vehicle, and across the integrated spend. This intensive will guide attendees through tools and techniques across the full range of available solutions from heuristics- based approaches that quantify reach, cost and estimate quality through econometric marketing mix modeling. With expert insights and case examples, attendees will walk away knowing various MROI approaches, determine which approaches best fit specific industries and situations, and discover how to overcome MROI limitations.


Nahshon Davidai Nahshon Davidai, Associate Partner, McKinsey's Marketing Practice
Rishi Bhandhari Rishi Bhandari , Senior Expert, McKinsey's Marketing and Sales Practice


"Ouchless” B2B Marketing and Sales Analytics

Int, B2B


Get ready to learn what you need to know to effectively develop and use marketing and sales analytics as painlessly as possible in a B2B environment. This intensive will give you the analytics chops you need to answer the following questions:

  • What is really relevant to measure in a marketing and sales context?
  •  What are Key performance indicators (KPIs) and why should you care?
  •  What are the top 10 KPIs that you can actually work toward?
  •  What are the real challenges to closed loop marketing + sales reporting and what can be done?
  • What are best practices for communicating analytics (is it powerpoint?!)
  • What is the role of content and buyer-centricity in analytics?
  • What does the datalicious future of marketing and sales look like?

Whether you currently have a marketing automation platform or are considering one, by the end you will understand the unique dynamics of B2B analytics and be able to execute a marketing & sales analytics approach in your organization.



April S. Brown, VP, Demand Generation Strategy, Left Brain DGA