NAEMSP 2020 Annual Meeting - Exhibit Booth Registration
 THE EXHIBIT HALL IS CURRENTLY SOLD OUT - should you wish to be added on the waiting list, please contact Caitlin Arnold at companies will be added in chronological order and will be notified immediately in case of any cancellations.  

You can begin the registration process by clicking on the booth you would like to purchase. To purchase multiple booths you will need to make multiple transactions
. Booths highlighted in gray are sold. You can hover over the sold booths to see who has purchased the booth.

For more information on the different booth types, please click here.

Only companies related to the emergency medical field will be allowed to exhibit at NAEMSP®. Any company who has not exhibited before may be asked to provide a detailed list of the products they offer as well as business certificate(s) indicating all business names the company operates under. Companies selling products on the show floor must have pre-approval from the NAEMSP® Executive Office and products not directly related to the medical field will not be approved to exhibit. Products such as TENS devices or Skincare Anti-Aging Products ARE NOT eligible to exhibit at NAEMSP. Any company selling these types of products will be denied purchase of an exhibit booth. 

Standard Booths
Premium Booths

**PLEASE NOTE: If you plan to purchase multiple booths to create a 10x20 booth you cannot create an end cap - meaning you can only purchase multiple booths in the same number range (100's, 200's, etc.). Should you have any questions, please contact Caitlin Arnold at**