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CAPA LCC Airport Congress Asia 2015 Agenda

LCC Airports Congress Asia: 14 September 2015


Welcome Reception 
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LCC Airports Congress Asia: 15 September 2015

08:00 Registration and Light Welcome Breakfast
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Chairman’s Welcome
CAPA - Centre for Aviation, Executive Chairman, Peter Harbison


Keynote Address: The Airports of Thailand difference - working with LCCs to drive growth
Airports of Thailand, President, Nitinai Sirismatthakarn


Keynote Address: Proactive airports are the lifeblood for airlines
Since founding AirAsia, Tony Fernandes has kept a keen ear out for airports that are proactive and understand the needs of his growing airline business. What are the hallmarks of a ‘proactive airport’ and what does the AirAsia Group look for from airports in shaping its network?
AirAsia, Group CEO, Tony Fernandes 


The Asian aviation infrastructure challenge: Where will the money come from and what kind of facilities should be built?
• What kind of airport/terminal developments does Asia need, when and who will finance it?
• What do LCCs need and how does it differ from the type of hard and soft airport infrastructure that governments like to build in Asia?
• What is a 'fair price' for an LCCT now?
• Is Asia too difficult an investment market for western investors?
• The slowdown in LCC growth, among other factors, has reduced the attractiveness of Europe’s LCAs to private investors compared to 15 years ago. Does this apply to Asia?

Moderator: Citigroup, Managing Director, Asia Head | Aviation, Power & Utilities, Investment Banking Division, Anup Mysoor
• AviAlliance GmbH, Director, Philip Petit
• Cambodia Airports, CEO, Emmanuel Menanteau
Jetstar Asia, CEO, Barathan Pasupathi
• PwC Strategy&, Partner, Andreas Hilz


Coffee Break
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ASEAN open skies: The cornerstone for the next wave of LCC expansion?
• Will ASEAN open skies unleash the expected next phase of growth, or will the agenda be delayed?
• Asian LCCs have swollen aircraft order books - is the faith in open skies misguided?
• What is the status of ASEAN economic integration?
• Do recent incidents necessitate a requirement for technical integration?
• Will protectionism rear its head in Asia, reversing the gains of the past decade?
• Where to now for the Single Market?

Moderator: National University of Singapore, Professor, Faculty of Law, Head of Air Law and Policy Programme, Centre for International Law, Prof Alan Tan
• AirAsia Berhad, CEO, Aireen Omar
• Civil Aeronautics Board, Republic of the Philippines, Executive Director, Carmelo L. Arcilla
• Department of Civil Aviation, Thailand, Director Air Transport Regulatory Bureau, Duangporn Atrchariyavivit
Jetstar Asia, CEO, Barathan Pasupathi


Secrets for success: What are the key ingredients airports need to win the hearts - and seats - of LCCs?
Some airports offer a mix of facilities and services that are ideal for LCCs, and they range in size.
• What are the secrets for success in the LCC space and how can an airport create the best fit?
• Redefining airport hubs: self-connectivity and the implications for airports, IT providers and government regulators
• Do airports have sound strategies for dealing with self-connecting passengers?
• Are LCCs now repositioning towards a model that favours primary airports?

Moderator: Sandeep Bahl, Experienced Airline Executive
• HK Express, CEO, Andrew Cowen
• Thai AirAsia, CEO, Tassapon Bijleveld
• Tigerair Taiwan, CEO, Kwan Yue 


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The Smart Airport: Technology and services that are driving better LCC passenger outcomes
We invite key stakeholders in the airport passenger experience to share their views on where airports are excelling - and where they’re not - at creating a seamless passenger experience for bread-and-butter LCC clientele.
• How "smart", technology-driven cost-efficient airports can support cost and operational requirements of both FSCs AND LCCs

Moderator: Landrum & Brown, President Asia Pacific, Gary Gibb
BorderPass, Founder, Faisal Ariff
HK Express, CEO, Andrew Cowen
SITA, President, Asia Pacific, Ilya Gutlin

• Thai Airways, Director Passenger Services Department, Phakkhra Ruangsiradecho


Lessons learned: What can experiences elsewhere offer Asia?
LCCs emerged in the US first and spread across the Atlantic. So what can decades of experience of LCC successes and failures (for airports, airlines and regulators) offer for practitioners in Asia?
• How have airports accommodated the needs of LCCs within the regulatory environment that applies in their countries through the provision of LCCTs?
• How successful have these airports been?
• How have airports catered for 'changing paradigms' since - ULCCs, hybrids, legacy-into-budget carriers. Would they do it again? What is the cost/benefit analysis? What is the future?
• Is there a need for a dedicated LCC terminal or can LCCs be accommodated in 'legacy' infrastructure? Does geographical location (Europe/Asia) count in making that decision?

Moderator: University of NSW, Adjunct Professor, School of Aviation, Dr Warren Mundy
• Cologne Bonn Airport, Director Marketing & Sales, Ulrich Stiller
• Copenhagen Airports, Director Airline Sales & Route Development, Ole Wieth Christensen 
• Gatwick Airport, CCO, Guy Stephenson


Close of Conference and Networking Reception
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