Jack and Jill of America, Inc. 43rd National Convention

Q.  Who should attend the National Convention?

A. All active Mothers, Associates/Life Members, Fathers, Teens, Children and members of Provisional Groups are encouraged to attend the National Convention.  Each chapter must have a registered Delegate in attendance.  Children and Teens of Provisional Groups are not able to attend.

Q.  When does the Convention begin?

A. Tuesday, July 24, is the start of the convention with the Opening Ceremony commencing on Wednesday morning.

Q.  Will attendance at the Convention count towards my 1 in 4?

A.   All mothers who have a paid registration and ATTEND the 2018 National Convention will receive credit for attending AFTER the close of the convention.  At the time of check-in ALL mother members must pick up their own registration materials and provide a valid ID. Convention badges will be scanned daily.

Q.  If I arrive on Thursday, July 26, will I still receive credit for the 1 in 4?

A.  Yes.  The last date to check in and still receive credit for the 1 in 4 is Thursday, July 26th at 1:00pm CST.

Q. What if my child is graduating out in May 2018 and I need to attend the 2018Convention to meet my 1 in 4 requirement?

A. If you are a 2017-2018 graduating mother and you are using the 2018 National Convention to meet your 1 in 4 requirement, print a copy of the confirmation and present it to the Chapter/Region as your proof of meeting this requirement.   If you do not attend the convention, and have your badge scanned daily, your 1 in 4 will NOT be counted and your membership status could be terminated (not in good standing).   Review the National Constitution and Bylaws for more details. 


Q.  How do I register for the convention? 

A.  Members can use our convenient online registration system by clicking on the “Register Now” button, located at the top of the Registration page.  There will be no onsite registration.

Q. Our chapter has elections in April.  Should we wait until we know who the new President/Officers are before a delegate is registered?

A.  Chapters can register a delegate now and if that person changes, submit the Attendee Substitution form by June 15 or go back into the registration and select Modify Registration to make the name change.  Changes will not be made after this date.

Q.   I am a new member and do not have a Member ID.  How can I register?

A.  Select New Member as the registration type.  You will not need a Member ID to register. Headquarters will manually add your Member ID to track your attendance for the 1 in 4 requirement.

Q.   What are the acceptable forms of payment?

A.   For Delegate and Alternate Registrations ONLY Chapter Checks will be accepted.  At checkout, select check as your payment method.  Follow the instructions to complete your registration.  Your chapter check and a copy of your registration confirmation MUST be postmarked (via verifiable delivery, no signature required) and received by the Jack and Jill, Inc. Headquarters within 10 business days of the date of your registration.  If the check is not received within this time frame, your registration will be cancelled.  Also additional banking fees for insufficient funds will be charged to the chapter for all returned checks. For all other registrations credit or debit cards will be accepted.

Q.   Can I register more than one member using the online registration system?

A.   Yes. The registration portal will allow you to register more than one registrant.

Q.   What are the registration deadlines?

A.   Early registration ends April 30, 2018, or until is sells out; whichever comes first.  Registrations submitted May 1-May 31 will include an additional fee of $100.  The online registration portal will only be open to new mothers initiated in 2018 after May 31, 2018.

Q.   What is the cancellation policy?

A.  All cancellations must be requested in writing and sent to National Headquarters.  Cancellations are as follows:

        Postmarked                                 Fee for each cancelled registration

        On or before May 31                 $200

        After May 31                                No refund given

For complete details, including where to mail your cancellation request, please refer to the Cancellation Policy located on the Registration Page.

Q.   If I am unable to attend, can someone attend in my place?

A.  Yes. You must log back into the registration site and use the email address used to register and the confirmation number and make the like to like substitution (child to child, teen to teen, mother to mother, etc.) on or before June 15, 2018.  You must contact the Westin or Sheraton directly to make room reservation changes. 


Q.  This is my first time serving as a delegate.  What should I expect?

A.   Thank you for serving!  Delegates represent the chapter and vote on its behalf on a variety of subjects.  You should plan on attending all plenary sessions, workshops, and forums as well as be knowledgeable about Convention protocol and Roberts Rules of Order.  Prior to the convention, there will be a webinar to review your role, how to prepare, and what to expect.  Also, on Tuesday, July 24, there will be a Delegate/Alternate First Time Orientation Meeting to help you become acclimated to the space and review procedures. 


Q.  What is the official National Convention hotel and the rate?

A.  The official hotel is the Westin Kansas City Hotel at Crown Center located at 1 East Pershing Road, Kansas City, MO 64108.  The room rate is $158 per night plus 16.85% state and local tax plus $1.75 per night Kansas City Development Fee.  The Triple Occupancy Rate is $173 plus tax per night and the Quad Occupancy Rate is $188 plus tax per night.

Q.  How do I make hotel reservation?

A.  Hotel reservations can only be made after you have registered for the convention. After you have registered, there will be a link to the hotel’s reservation system in your registration confirmation.  All rooms are booked on a first-come, first-served basis and are subject to availability.

Q.  Is there a charge for internet access?

A.  Basic wireless internet access is complimentary for each guestroom.  Premium bandwidth is available for $19.95 per day (rate subject to change).  Internet access in plenary sessions will be available to registered delegates.

Q.  Are gratuities included for the room?

A.  No.  Gratuities for housekeeping, room service, and and portage are at your discretion.

Q.  Can I arrive early?

A. The special Jack and Jill room rate is available 3 days before the start of the convention and 3 days after the close of the convention, based on room availability.  We encourage you to take advantage of this great room rate and turn the convention into a fun-filled family vacation.

Q.  What is the charge to park?

A.   Self-service parking is $18 per night and valet parking is available for $26 per night with in/out priviledges.

Travel & Transportation

Q.  What is the closet airport to the resort?

A.  The closet airport is Kansas City International Airport (MCI) which is approximately 15 miles northwest of downtown Kansas City.  The Kansas City Amtrak Station is across the street in Union Station. 

Q.  What is the best way to travel from Kansas City International Airport to the hotel?

A.  The Westin does not offer shuttle service, therefore a cab or Uber are options.  The estimated one-way cab fare is $55 and the estimated Uber X or Lyft rate is $28.  If you plan to go offsite, renting a car is also an option. 

Q.  Will I need my own transportation?

A.  Transportation will be provided for all listed convention events.  If you wish to sightsee, then you may need a car.  Hertz is located in the Westin Hotel if you decide after you arrive that you would like to rent a car.

Food Allergies/Sensitivities

Q.   I have food allergies/sensitivities.  How will this be addressed for meals?

A.   During the online registration process check all the boxes that apply to your situation. When you pick up your registration materials, you will receive food cards that are to be presented to the wait staff for convention paid meals.  Every attempt will be made to accommodate restrictions but for extreme sensitivities, please plan accordingly.


Q.  What meals are included with a Mother registration?

A.  Wednesday evening, light fare will be served at the Shabby Chic Party. Breakfast is included for 3 days; Lunch is included 2 days, dinner is included 2 nights.  Throughout the convention, there will be several receptions where light refreshments and hors d’oeuvres will be served.

Q.   What are the onsite or local dining options?

A.   The Brassiere Restaurant is located in the Westin which offers American cuisine morning, afternoon, and evening. Spectators Gastro-Pub is located in the Sheraton and offers casual dining.  Both hotels are connected to the Crown Center which offers several restaurants and quick food options in a variety of price ranges.


Q.  What is the weather like in Kansas City?

A.  July is the warmest month with average high temperatures near 90 degree and the low near 68 degrees.  Humidity is moderate.


Q.   What is the attire for the convention?

A.  A detailed list of attire by day and event will be sent to all registered attendees by May. As is customary at a National Convention, members will need to wear all white at the Opening Ceremony, Memorial Service and Installation Ceremony.  Black or White formal attire is appropriate for the closing gala. 


Q.   What activities are there for children and teens?

A.    There is an exciting and robust agenda planned for children (age 5-12) and teens that will keep them engaged from 8am each day until midnight.  There will be a professional child care company to supervise each day. Meals will be served.  Continue to check the child and teen agenda for updates.

Q.  Who are the chaperones for the teens?

A.   A professional childcare company will be responsible for administering both during published times only.  When not with the childcare company, teen and child programs.  When not with the childcare company, you as the parent are responsible for your teen/child.

Q.  Will teens be able to check themselves in and out each day?

A.   Once a teen checks into the morning session, he/she must stay until dismissal each day.  Most days, the sessions end at 6pm where they will join there mother for dinner.  Once they come back for the evening session, they must stay until dismissed.  If a Teen is not with the group in the supervised care, the parent is responsible for them. 

Q.  Can my teen or child attend the gala?

A.  The registered children and teens will have activities and dinner for Saturday night during the gala as part of their registration.

Q.   If my teen is attending the JMB Teen Summit, are they automatically registered for the Convention?

A.   No.  The JMB Teen Summit is a separate invitation only event with an $80 registration fee to attend.

Q.   How to you ensure the safety of the children?

A.    Parents of registered children and teens will be assigned a time on the evening of Tuesday, July 24 to register with the childcare company.  Pictures of the parent and child/teen will be taken for identification purposes. A sign in/sign out process, digital pictures, and physical identification will be used to ensure that each child/teen is assigned to a specific caregiver and returned to the custody of only authorized family members.

Q.  Will there be accommodations for teens or children with special needs?

A.   The childcare company is very skilled in working with children who need special accommodations.  During the registration process for children and teens, please answer the question regarding special needs and accommodations so that we can speak with you in more detail and prepare the childcare company.  We will do our best to ensure a positive experience for all.

Q.  Will there be activities for Fathers?

A.    Yes, dads will have activities starting on Wednesday that will allow them to experience the best Kansas City has to offer.  Continue to check the Father’s agenda for updates.

Q.   Are there programs for babies through pre-school?

A.  There is not a Jack and Jill sponsored daycare program.  The hotel also does not offer babysitting or childcare, but the concierge can provide a list of in-room childcare providers for you to contact.  There are also local companies that provide rentals for baby items.

Gala and Ala Carte Tickets for Events

Q. Will there be additional tickets activities for the gala or other events?

A.  At this time, no, however, if that changes, an email will be sent to registered attendees advising them that a limited number of gala tickets are available.  Ala carte concert tickets or tickets for may event will not be available for purchase.