Jessica's House

To watch the video of the Grand Opening visit Hay Communications' Facebook page HERE.

A project completed...

When construction began...

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2-tress down 1.JPG
3-tress down 3.JPG
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beautiful conrete.jpg
Bedroom windows.jpg
butterfly flags.png
construction sign.jpg
Family room east facing window.jpg
Family room from outside.jpg
Family Room window.jpg
from the front Oct. 17.jpg
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July 15.1.jpg
July 15.2.jpg
Khiva Rocks #1.jpg
Khiva Rocks #2.jpg
Khiva Rocks 33.jpg
Kim and Kimberley on tour Oct.17.jpg
Okewood Timberframe.jpg
porches being poured.jpg
Timberframe 1.jpg
timberframe 3.jpg
timebrframe 2.jpg
West Coast Lions BBQ photo.jpg