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Poster Sessions

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Friday | Saturday
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Friday, November 11, 2016 (5:30 pm - 7:00 pm)
Poster Session 1A Brief Mindful Instruction De- Automatizes Approach-Oriented Impulses Towards Attractive Foods
Constanza Baquedano
Poster Session 1A Case-Comparative Study of Mindfulness Training in Different Middle School Settings: Teacher, Classroom and Student Outcomes
Cynthia Taylor
Poster Session 1A Mind-Body Perspective on the Experience of Fatigue in Breast Cancer Survivors
Cooper Penner
Poster Session 1Mindsets Contribute to Changes in Common Cold Symptomatology and Immune Function
Natalie Trent
Poster Session 1A Pilot Study of the Spiritual Counseling Method of Depth Hypnosis: Preliminary Data in the treatment of Depression, Anxiety, Post- Traumatic Stress and Change in Well-Being
Joanna Adler
Poster Session 1Achieving Student Success through Contemplative Pedagogical Practices: A Multidisciplinary Project
Ranjeeta Basu, Marie Thomas, Rajnandini Pillai, Sara Bufferd, Jacky Thomas
Poster Session 1Anatomy of a Mindfulness Master's Degree Program
Nancy Waring
Poster Session 1Associations Among Self-Compassion, Stress and Eating Behaviors in College Freshmen
Dara James
Poster Session 1Caring for Caregivers: Using Empirical Methods As Spiritual Care
Tina Jitsujo Gauthier
Poster Session 1CBCT for Veterans With PTSD and Comorbid Conditions, Making Contemplation Behavioral
Pollyanna Casmar
Poster Session 1Chanting Amitabha Buddha Helps Reduce Brain Responses to Frightening Pictures: An fMRI Study
Junling Gao
Poster Session 1Classical Yoga – a Way of Life Beyond Physical Paradigm: A Heuristic Study
Sanhita Karmalkar
Poster Session 1Cognitively Based Compassion Training for Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Pilot Study
Samuel Fernandez-Carriba
Poster Session 1Collaboration, Contemplation & Integration: A Mixed-Methods, Multi-Year Study of the Effects of a Yoga & Meditation Practice on Middle School "At Risk" Youth
Keval Kaur Khalsa
Poster Session 1Compassion Killers in Medicine
Antonio (Tony) Fernando
Poster Session 1Contemplating Mindfulness at Work: An Integrative Review
Christopher Lyddy, Darren Goodo
Poster Session 1Default Mode Network Neural Correlates of State Mindfulness: An fMRI Study
Elena Bilevicius
Poster Session 1Detaching From Self to Motivate Healthy Eating: Third-Person Perspective Taking in the Cognitive Dissonance Paradigm
Nicholas Fernandez, Elaina Stover
Poster Session 1Different Types of Meditation Lead to Common Outcomes via Different Mechanisms
John Edwards
Poster Session 1Dispositional Mindfulness and the Impact of Daily Hassles on Psychological Health Among Student Registered Nurse Anesthetists
Kaori Donohue
Poster Session 1Don't You Feel It Too?: Eight Years of Dancing Inner Life in the Public
Marcus Young
Poster Session 1Effects of a Focused Meditation Training on Difficulties in Emotion Regulation and Trait Anxiety
Carolina Menezes
Poster Session 1Effects of Contemplative Training in Government Employees in Mexico
L. Emiliana Rodriguez
Poster Session 1Effects of Yogic Breathing and Cognitively Based Psychosocial Workshops for College Students on Stress Physiology and Well-Being: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Michael Goldstein
Poster Session 1Embodied Reports; Building a Science of Subjectivity
Cristobal Dañobeitia
Poster Session 1Emotional Responding Across Constructs: Understanding Avoidance and Approach
Emily Pichler
Poster Session 1Engaging in Contemplative Practice Predicts Social and Emotional Competencies Among Adolescents
M. Jennifer Kitil
Poster Session 1Exploring Psychosocial Desire and Craving Through First-Person Experience Sampling
Christine Wilson-Mendenhall
Poster Session 1First-Year College Students' Health and Well-Being: The Long-Term Effects of Mindfulness Training at 3- and 6-Month Follow-up
Kamila Dvorakova
Poster Session 1Fundamentals of Enactive Cognitive Science: Contributions From Francisco Varela to the Integration of Science and Contemplative Practices
Claudio Araya
Poster Session 1Grounds of Exchange Between Neuroscience and Buddhism: Cultural Consensus Modeling of Tibetan Buddhist Concepts
Michael Romano
Poster Session 1Hypnotic-Like Aspects of Dzogchen Meditation
Ian Wickramasekera
Poster Session 1I Can Be Mindful: Developing a Mindfulness-Based Summer Camp in an Early Learning Setting
Michael Mackenzie, Virginia Sawyer
Poster Session 1Impact of a Mindfulness-Based Intervention on Anxiety, Depression, Mindfulness and Self-Compassion in Brazilian College Students
Érika Leonardo de Souza
Poster Session 1Improving Teachers' Self-Care by Implementing the Call to Care Initiative: Results of a Controlled Trial
Ricardo Tarrasch PhD
Poster Session 1Individuation of Auditory Information Correlates With Brain Oscillations
Chris Allen
Poster Session 1Integrating Contemplative Practice Into Education
Elli Weisbaum
Poster Session 1Interoceptive Awareness and Chronic Pain: The Impact of an Interdisciplinary Self- Compassion Intervention
Taryn Gammon
Poster Session 1Is Mindfulness Still an "Alternative" Therapy? A Meta-Analysis of Direct Comparisons
Simon Goldberg
Poster Session 1Leaves That Come From the Same Root: Cultural Dimensions of Contemplative Practice at a Chinese Buddhist Monastic Retreat in Taiwan
Brianna Morseth
Poster Session 1Life Stress and Individual Differences in Effects of Breathing Meditation on Neural Markers of Emotion Regulation in Adolescents
Dara Ghahremani
Poster Session 1Measuring Sexual Mindfulness in a U.S. Adult Sample of Men and Women
Chelom Leavitt
Poster Session 1Mindfulness and Interpersonal Emotion Regulation in Romantic Relationships: Here for Me, There for You
Alexandra Martelli
Poster Session 1Mindfulness and Personality: Theoretical and Methodological Considerations From a Third Person and First Person Perspective
Sebastian Medeiros
Poster Session 1Mindfulness and Self-Compassion With Adult Woman in Chilean Context
Claudio Araya
Poster Session 1Mindfulness for Children and Adolescents: Adaptations and Best Practices
Morgane Le Pouesard
Poster Session 1Mindfulness in Parenting to Promote Self- Regulation and Social-Emotional Competence in Parents and Children
Liliana Lengua
Poster Session 1Mindfulness of "education": Reclaiming the Mind in Curriculum and Pedagogy
Oren Ergas
Poster Session 1Mindfulness Pedagogy and Mixed- Methods Research in Applied Graduate Programs: Results of a New Study Among Graduate Interpreting Students
Julie Johnson
Poster Session 1Mindfulness Practice Improves Cognitive Rigidity
Jonathan Greenberg
Poster Session 1Mindfulness Training for Primary Care: Preliminary Results From an Integrated Care Model
Richa Gawande
Poster Session 1Mindfulness, Self-Care and Compassion Trained Directly at the Work Place – Results of Two Studies in Palliative and Oncology Care
Stefan Schmidt
Poster Session 1Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy Enhances Self-Compassion but Does it Appeal More to Those Who Ruminate Less?
Kate Williams
Poster Session 1Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention (Mbrp) and Neural Mechanisms Implicated in Addiction Recovery
Michael Gawrysiak
Poster Session 1Neurofeedback Informed Meditation Techniques (NIMT) — A Methodology and Framework for a Causal and Clinical Neurophenomenology
Juan Santoyo
Poster Session 1Nonjudgment of Inner Experience Moderates the Association Between Observe and Relationship Satisfaction Among Long-term Married Couples
Katherine Lenger
Poster Session 1Poor Sleep Quality, Psychological Distress, and the Buffering Effect of Mindfulness Training During Pregnancy
Jennifer Felder
Poster Session 1Principal Dimensions on which Teachers' Beliefs about and Experiences with Contemplative Education Differ
Hee Jung Min
Poster Session 1Randomized Controlled Trial of a Mindfulness-Based Intervention on Psychological Stress, Executive Control and Inflammation Biomarkers: Differential Effects Between Latinos and non-Latinos
Eric Lopez-Maya
Poster Session 1Reduced Scores of Depression and Anxiety and Psychological Feeling of Well-Being, in Elderly Practicers of Progressive Self-Focus Meditation Submitted to Cognitive Behavioral Intervention
Jose Leite
Poster Session 1Self-Compassion in the Workplace — Effects on Work Climate
Catarina Ahlvik
Poster Session 1Self-Criticism as a Negative-Factor Structure of Self-Compassion Construct in Ibero-American Primary Care Professionals
Marcelo Demarzo
Poster Session 1Short-Form Practice-Focused Mindfulness Training Provides Prophylaxis from Working Memory Degradation in High-Stress Cohorts
Joanna Witkin
Poster Session 1Social Eudaimonia but Not Hedonia Predicts Home Meditation Practice
Felipe Jain
Poster Session 1Some Unexpected Relationships Between Self-Compassion, Anger and Binge Drinking
Lisa Olson
Poster Session 1Superstition Predicts Placebo Response
Nino Rekhviashvili
Poster Session 1Suraksita Antariksa – Creating Safe Space
Amrit Daryanani
Poster Session 1Teachers' Trait Mindfulness, Work Engagement and Relation to Student Outcomes in Middle School
Nicolette Rickert, Jaiya Choles
Poster Session 1The Backward Step: A Mindful Approach to Sustainability
Jason Papenfuss
Poster Session 1The Brazilian Experience in the Foundation of a Research and Teacher Training Center on Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention: Contextualization and Challenges of Mindfulness in Brazil
Mayra Pires Alves Machado
Poster Session 1The Effect of a Mindfulness Movement Therapy Programme on the Motor Performance of the Upper Limbs in Healthy Older Adults: A Preliminary Study
Weeranan Yaemrattanakul
Poster Session 1The Effect of Loving Kindness Meditation on Teacher Education Students' Empathy Development and Stress Reduction
Emeric Csaszar
Poster Session 1The Effects of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy on Functional Connectivity Networks in Bipolar Disorder
Jonathan Starke
Poster Session 1The Functional Connectivity of the Striatum During and After Open Monitoring Meditation
Masahiro Fujino
Poster Session 1The Ignatian Faculty Forum: Emerging Leaders in Contemplative Community
Tracey Kahan
Poster Session 1The Influence of Train-the-Trainer Delivery of Short-Form Mindfulness Training on Sustained Attention and Decision Making in High Stress Cohorts
Nicolas Ramos
Poster Session 1The Influence of Training Program Duration on Cognitive and Psychological Benefits of Mindfulness and Compassion Training in Military Spouses
Emily Brudner
Poster Session 1The Relationship Between Mind Wandering and Working Memory
Marissa Krimsky
Poster Session 1The Second-Person Perspective in Science and Contemplative Traditions: Neurophenomenology, Buddhism and General Semantics
Wolfgang Lukas
Poster Session 1Thoughtfulness and the Digital Pedagogue
Constance Blomgren
Poster Session 1Towards a Relational Concept of Uncertainty for Natural Resources Management: Can Contemplative Practices Help?
Marcela Brugnach
Poster Session 1Violations by Madhyamaka Arguments With Modern Logic and Physics
Robert Paul
Poster Session 1Working in Ways that Do No Harm: Mindful Engagement in Social and Environmental Justice
Wendy Wood, Thaïs Mazur
Poster Session 1Yoga Off the Mat: The Relational Effects and Mechanisms of Yoga in Day-to-Day Life
Moé Kishida
Poster Session 1Yoga Training in Junior Primary Schoolaged Children Has an Impact on Physical Self- Perceptions and Problem-Related Behavior
Petra Jansen
Saturday, November 12, 2016 (5:30 pm - 7:00 pm)
Poster Session 2A Preliminary Investigation of Compressed Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (cMBSR): A Two-Day Pause in the Workplace for Social Workers
Kelly Trowbridge, Stephanie Andrews
Poster Session 2A Randomized Study Examining the Role of Spirituality and Mindfulness on Depression Symptom Changes in Response to Tai Chi Exercise
Laura Redwine
Poster Session 2A Systematic Review of Mind-Body Interventions for Outcomes of Impulsivity
Nina Shinday
Poster Session 2Active Learning and Mindfulness Teaching: Enhancing Cognitive Processes and Integral Competence
Jorge Biolchini
Poster Session 2Adolescents' Perceptions of Contemplative Education Programs in Schools
Jacqueline Maloney
Poster Session 2An Open-Source System for EEGNeurofeedback and Transcranial Current Stimulation Control: Applications for Meditation Research
Brendan Cullen
Poster Session 2Assessing Mindfulness Ability: A Novel Task Reflects Changes in Emotional Responding Following Mindfulness Training
Carl Fulwiler
Poster Session 2Assessing the Impact of the Emory-Tibet Science Initiative (ETSI) in Tibetan Buddhist Monastic Populations in India
Marcia Ash
Poster Session 2Bringing Mindfulness Into the South Korean Education System: The Won Mentoring Contemplative Program
Grace Song, Hyunhee Kim
Poster Session 2Clinical and Neural Effects of MBSR for Young Adults With Childhood Adversity
Diane Yan
Poster Session 2Contemplative Pedagogies in Higher Education: Bringing Our Whole Selves to Our Work With Students and Colleagues
Katie Querna
Poster Session 2Contemplative Study on Stage and Intersubjectivity: An Interdisciplinary Study at the Cross Roads of Practice, Philosophy and Cognitive Sciences
Coline Joufflineau
Poster Session 2Decoding Types of Mind Wandering During Breath Meditation
Helen Weng
Poster Session 2Designing and Teaching a Mindfulness Course for Undergraduate Students
Angela Cardenas, Patricia Shoemaker, Alan Forrest
Poster Session 2Developing Resilience and Helping Qualities in Clinical Trainees Through Research-Based Mindfulness Training
Jaclyn Tully
Poster Session 2Dispositional Mindfulness and Depression Moderates Quality of Prenatal Bonding in Urban Expectant Parents
Laurel Hicks
Poster Session 2Do Expert Meditators Differ From Novice and Non-Meditators in Emotion Identification, Physiological Competitive Reactions, or Prosocial Responses?
Kim Cronise
Poster Session 2Does Cognitively Based Compassion Training Improve Social Interactional Skills in Depressed Patients?
Corina Aguilar-Raab
Poster Session 2Effectiveness of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Rehabilitation Targeting TBI and Trauma-Related Difficulties
Jeremy Joseph
Poster Session 2Effects of a 12-Week Mindfulness, Compassion and Loving-Kindness Program on Chronic Depression: A Pilot Within-Subjects- Waitlist-Controlled Trial
Johannes Graser
Poster Session 2Effects of a Brief Mindfulness-Meditation Intervention on Neural Measures of Response Inhibition in Cigarette Smokers
Catherine Andreu
Poster Session 2Effects of Mindfulness Meditation on Slowing Down the Neurodegeneration of the Aging Brain
Eunmi Kim
Poster Session 2Experiencing Wisdom Among College Students in a Mindfulness Course in Hawaii
Thao Le
Poster Session 2Expert Meditators in the Chronic Disease Population: Building Sangha in the American Health Care Setting
Roxane Chan
Poster Session 2From Egocentric to Ecocentric: Pro-Social and Pro-Environmental Actualizations of Mindfulness at an Intensive Monastic Retreat
Brianna Morseth
Poster Session 2Healing Light Guided Imagery (HLGI) Significantly Improves Mood and Physical and Mental Quality of Life in Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis
Paula Jackson
Poster Session 2Heart-Smile Meditation (HSM)'s Positive Effects on Self-Perception, Social Connections, and Spirituality: A Mixed- Methods Study
Park Sunghyun
Poster Session 2How Can We Reduce Teachers' Resistance to Engage in Meditative Activities? Harnessing Neuroscience As a Doorway for Contemplative Practices
Oren Ergas
Poster Session 2How Psychological Context Shapes the Phenomenology of Emotion: A Case Study Exploring Transformation in the Experience of Sadness Following Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy
Emily Hammond
Poster Session 2Investigating the Impact of Mindfulness, Self-Compassion and Flow on College Student Success
Tamera R. Schneider, Jennifer N Baumgartner
Poster Session 2Leading Mindfully: Taking Workplace Well-Being to the Next Level
Catarina Ahlvik
Poster Session 2Like a Breath of Fresh Air: The Impact of Mindfulness at Work
Kathryn Goldman Schuyler, Michelle Taylor, Orit Wolberger
Poster Session 2Listening Mothers: Supporting Mother- Infant Relationships through Mindfulness, Loving-Kindness and Self-Compassion
Larissa Duncan
Poster Session 2MBSR Marks by Less Chaotic Electronic Activity in Both Brain and Heart
Junling Gao
Poster Session 2Medicine Buddha, a Traditional Buddhist Healing Vision and Practice
James Sacamano
Poster Session 2Meditation Group Classes Improve Cancer Patient and Caregiver Symptom Distress
Alejandro Chaoul
Poster Session 2Mimesis, Semiotic Perception, and Phowa: Transference of Consciousness at Death
Mikaela Chase
Poster Session 2Mindful Mother, Buffered Baby? Mindful Parenting Predicts Mothers' and Their Infants' Physiological Stress Responses
Heidemarie Laurent
Poster Session 2Mindfulness and Yoga for Healthcare Professional Trainees: A Mixed-Methods Investigation of an Interdisciplinary Course
Sarah Braun
Poster Session 2Mindfulness Education in a Public School Setting
Erin Henshaw
Poster Session 2Mindfulness for Schizophrenic Outpatients: A Feasibility Study in Brazil
Marcelo Demarzo
Poster Session 2Mindfulness in Interpersonal Relationships Predicts Friendship Quality
Steve Pratscher
Poster Session 2Mindfulness In Public Administration: The Interplay between the Mind and Politics
Sari Cinamon
Poster Session 2Mindfulness Induction Effects on Physiological Stress During Chemotherapy Treatment: Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial With Colorectal Cancer Patients
David Black
Poster Session 2Mindfulness In Public Administration
Sari Cinamon
Poster Session 2Mindfulness Interventions to Foster Self- Control in Children: A Meta-Analysis
Catherine Spann
Poster Session 2Mindfulness Meditation Practice in the Treatment of Insomnia & Sleep Disorders and Underlying Neural Mechanisms
Bruce Bough
Poster Session 2Mindfulness Training and Attentional Control in Older Adults: Results of a Single- Blind, Placebo-Controlled Randomized Controlled Trial
Stephanie Fountain-Zaragoza
Poster Session 2Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention (MBRP) for Hypnotics Chronic Use and Insomnia Among Brazilian Women: Adherence Data From Different Research Settings
Viviam Barros
Poster Session 2Mindfulness, Tobacco Dependence, Craving and Affects: A Cross-sectional Study of Treatment-Seeking Smokers
Isabel Cristina Weiss de Souza
Poster Session 2Mindfulness: Gateway to Teaching Emotional Intelligence Online
Jami Cotler
Poster Session 2Participation in Mind and Body Exercises and Its Relation to Purchases of Psychotropic and Analgesic Drugs
Lina Rådmark
Poster Session 2Perceived Compassion Scale: Subscale Structure and Item Evaluation
Dent Gitchel
Poster Session 2Positive Effects of a Stress Reduction Program Based on Mindfulness Meditation in Brazilian Nursing Professionals: Qualitative and Quantitative Evaluation
Elisa Kozasa
Poster Session 2Present-Moment Word Meditation
David Hubbard
Poster Session 2Project Living Life Fully Together (LLiFT): Treating Chronic Pain in People Living with HIV (PLHIV)
Debra Alvis
Poster Session 2Promoting the Mental Health of Students: A Mixed-Methods Study on the Effects and Change Processes of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction in Schools
Sarah Gouda, Minh Tam Luong
Poster Session 2Quantifying the Influence of Breathwork on Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) Circulation Using Real-Time Phase Contrast MRI
Selda Yildiz
Poster Session 2Selflessness, Mindfulness and Depression: Theoretical and Empirical Relationships
Dana C. Jack
Poster Session 2State Mindfulness Attenuates Self-Serving Performance Attributions
Tarah Raldiris, Robert Goodman
Poster Session 2Teaching Justice: The Use and Evaluation of Mindfulness and Compassion Practices in Social Work Education
Marcia Meyers, Katie Querna, Tanya Ranchigoda
Poster Session 2Teaching Meditation: Evaluating Acceptability of a Method to Address Mind Wandering
Adam Burke
Poster Session 2The Effects of Singing Bowl Sound Meditations on Mood, Tension and Well Being: An Observational Study
Tamara Goldsby
Poster Session 2The Impact of Compassion Interventions on Employee Well-Being and Business Outcomes
Miia Paakkanen
Poster Session 2The Many Faces of the Self: Advancing Research Programs Between the Contemplative and the Academi
Simon Høffding, Nini Praetorius
Poster Session 2The Mediating and Moderating Roles of Mindfulness in the Personality and Ethical Decision-Making Relationship in Undergraduate Business Students
Virginia Bratton
Poster Session 2The Mind As Its Own Educator: Mind Wandering and Mindfulness in the Makings of the Curriculum
Oren Ergas
Poster Session 2The Process of Emotional Awakening in the Beginning Meditator With Chronic Disease
Roxane Chan
Poster Session 2The Role of Contemplative Practice in Developing Authentic Leaders
Susan Skjei
Poster Session 2The Role of Mindfulness in the Relationship Between State and Trait Eudaimonic and Hedonic Well-Being
Kelly Erickson
Poster Session 2The Role of Mindfulness, Self-Compassion and Fears of Compassion in Disordered Eating Attitudes and Behaviours
Alayna Fender, Michael McIntyre
Poster Session 2Transformative Contemplative Practices in Ethnic Studies: Towards A New Contemplative Imaginary
Alberto López Pulido
Poster Session 2Two Feet, Deep: Walking Forms and Processes for Contemplation
Innen Ray Parchelo
Poster Session 2Understanding the Potential of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction for Teachers: Benefits and Limits
Minh Tam Luong, Sarah Gouda
Poster Session 2Using a Dialogic Narrative Approach in Mindfulness Research: Problematic Paradox or Valuable Methodological Tool?
Lacie White, Anne Bruce
Poster Session 2Using a Mindfulness-Based Strategy to Reduce Procrastination and Enhance College Student Study Skills
Adam Burke
Poster Session 2Waking Up and Growing Up: Why Meditation Does Not Produce Social Justice Ethics
Blaine Snow