Friendship Force World Conference 2017
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Friendship Force International 40th Anniversary Conference


Dear World Conference delegates:

For nearly forty years, the Friendship Force has steadily grown from a vision of peace through friendship, to an international movement where thousands each year actively engage in citizen diplomacy. Friendship Force’s core home exchange program has expanded the world view of millions of people, helping to overcome the prejudicial, racial, discriminatory barriers that separate people, helping create a more understanding and friendly future.

This 40th Anniversary World Conference marks an important time for all of us as we celebrate our rich history and re-energize ourselves together as we talk about how we will continue to open our mission to the world. Every year we talk about how we want to make our World Conference bigger and better for our global members.This milestone conference, to be held in Manchester, UK, is already shaping up to be one of the most unusual and exciting conferences Friendship Force has put together in years, filled with nostalgia, inspiring speakers, and truly enchanting events.

Don't miss our time-travel welcome party on the evening of August 24th. After walking through a dark, starlit tunnel you'll be taken back to 1977, the year Friendship Force was born. The entire environment - the DJ, music, decor, dancefloor, buffet, dancers, retro games, newspapers and images - will transport us right into the 1970's. Suzy Smith Bennitt, daughter of our founder Wayne Smith and former FFI President, will be there in her bellbottoms and flower-power headband to tell us in her own words about her father's vision and the birth of Friendship Force. If you need some ideas about what to wear that evening, check out the "FACTS & FUN" tab on the top right of the page.

Our keynote speaker on August 25th, global explorer, BBC TV presenter and author Benedict Allen, has a lot to share with us about his own extreme immersion experiences in other cultures. We're also pleased to invite Hollywood actress and philanthropist Stefanie Powers to our conference closing on the morning of August 28th; we look forward to her inspiring keynote address about her lifelong work in global conservation and community outreach. 

Our optional evening extravaganza this year is our gala banquet on August 26th, where you'll find yourself dining and dancing under the wings of Concorde in a purpose-built super hangar. Other options include daytime tours, such as a canal cruise, walking tours, a Beatles tour, the BBC headquarters "Media City", sightseeing by coach, hiking in the English countryside, and the historic city of Chester. There really is something for everyone! Check out our "OPTIONS" tab for information.

Pre- and post-conference tours are available around Europe and there are even some clubs in the UK and the rest of Europe who are offering short homestays before or after the conference. You can find details by clicking on the "PRE & POST CONF" tab above.

Our conference will be held in what is arguably Manchester's most iconic building, The Midland Hotel. It is a grand Edwardian hotel which opened in 1903 and has played host to kings, queens, presidents, prime ministers and rock stars. The decor is opulent, the service is outstanding, and the restaurants are award-winning. Even the lobby is breathtaking! Visit the "HOTEL" tab above for details on booking your room.

So many of your friends from around the world have already committed to being there. Won't you join us at our Big Birthday Bash and celebrate 40 years of something that has already made its mark on the world? And we're just getting started!

In friendship and peace,

Jeremi Snook

President and CEO, Friendship Force International