ICON 2014

From the attractions of Brisbane and the surrounding region, delegates are welcome to explore the rest of Australia.
Australia’s landscape is a picture of amazing diversity, contrasts and natural wonders. From the ancient rock Uluṟu (Ayers Rock) to the Great Barrier Reef, Australia’s Red Centre reaches out to a magnificent coastline. Scattered across this sterling environment, its thriving cities are alive with sophistication and energy. Brisbane, Queensland’s sub-tropical capital, Sydney and its magnificent harbour, and Melbourne with its heritage of arts, fashion and fine food, are just three of Australia’s outstanding city destinations.
Australia is the world’s smallest continent and largest island. It is as big as mainland United States (excluding Alaska) but has only 22.5 million people. Young, adventurous, stylish and friendly, Australia has unique flora and fauna and a fantastic climate. Aussies (as the locals are called) enjoy sport, beaches, music, performing arts, outdoor cafés, pubs, multicultural restaurants and good friends. A rich cultural blend of fashion, languages and cuisine colours the streets of Australia’s major cities.
Australia’s diverse mix of environments and cultures offers an encounter like no other. Explore lively, sophisticated cities, experience the beauty of Australia’s natural wonders, discover the ancient mysteries of Aboriginal culture, see and feel the rigours of life in the rugged Outback. Regardless of which path you take, Australia guarantees the experience of a lifetime!

Here's some helpful maps on how easy it is to fly into Australia from various international cities:

Information on pre and post touring options will be available when registrations are released.