ICHCA International Conference 2017
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Las Palmas Port Authority is a public institution that manages 5 ports: La Luz, Salinetas, Arinaga, Los Mármoles and Rosario Port; in three different islands: Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura. The Ports Authority's main job is to manage the resources and facilities it owns, so that the companies that decide to operate from our ports are legally protected and free from competition. www.palmasport.es

Fundacion Puertos De Las Palmasis an educational and cultural non-profit institution established 31 of October of 1997 and recognised of general interest in the Registry of Canary Foundations. The Foundation is responsible for the organisation, along with other canary institutions, of cultural initiatives and activities in the scope of the Canary Islands. www.fundacionpuertos.com

Formed in late 2006, the mission of ICHCA’s Canarias/Africa Regional Chapter (CARC)is to encourage regional co-operation, business relationships and knowledge building for the cargo handling community across Africa and the Canaries. ICHCA CARC members represent a broad cross-section of cargo handling interests, including shipper groups, logistics and transport service providers, port authorities, terminal operators and government/public sector agencies. Among other activities, ICHCA CARC organises regional seminars to facilitate networking, education and information exchange. ICHCA CARC members also enjoy all of the benefits of ICHCA International membership, including access to publications and technical advice service. www.ichca.com/chapters-area/ichca-carc

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APM Terminals is lifting global trade with a Global Terminal Network of 20,600 professionals and 200 port and inland services operations in 58 countries around the globe. APM Terminals designs, builds and operates port and terminal facilities, as well as providing cargo Inland Services for cargo transportation between port facilities and inland locations, as well as other associated cargo handling functions. The world’s shipping industry and the global logistics chain rely upon APM Terminals and the APM Terminals Global Terminal Network for efficient access to all global markets. www.apmterminals.com

Since 1965, Cordstrap has remained the world leader at the forefront of a revolution in the protection of cargo. Our mission is to keep the world’s cargo safe – by providing products and solutions that ensure our customers’ precious assets are secure on rail, sea, road and air.

With five international manufacturing locations and operations in over 50 countries worldwide, Cordstrap combines a powerful product suite with a collaborative approach and the best quality training, application expertise and legislative insights for our customers’ staff. 

Many of the world’s leading multi-national companies trust Cordstrap to secure their valuable cargo, with fully CTU code compliant solutions for all domestic and international shipping challenges. www.cordstrap.com/en/

The ShoreTension® is a system for safer mooring of sea-going ships that is as convenient as it is revolutionary. The ShoreTension®, a cylindrical device, can be flexibly used in any port at terminals where containers, general cargo and/or bulk are handled. With the ShoreTension®, ships of any size can be firmly anchored to the quay. The ShoreTension® significantly reduces movement caused by strong winds, currents, swell or passing ships. With the traditional mooring method using mooring lines on bollards, this movement is always present. In extreme conditions, the tremendous pressure this exerts on the ship can cause the mooring lines to snap with potentially serious consequences. As ports have experienced in the past, this is definitely a realistic risk. The ShoreTension® mitigates this risk significantly. Ships are moored to the quay much sturdier and therefore much safer. www.shoretension.com

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STRANG is a focused, high-performance contractor with many years of success in the provision of integrated logistic structures. The Group has dedicated facilities in Australia, Papua New Guinea, South Africa, Mozambique, Madagascar and Singapore as well as a purpose-built global network of proven and specialist logistic partners. STRANG engineers world-leading solutions encompassing Supply Line Logistics, Project Freight Forwarding, Advisory Services and Port and Terminal Operations. www.stxgroup.com.au

TT Club is the international transport and logistics industry’s leading provider of insurance and related risk management services.  As a mutual insurer, TT Club exists to provide its policyholders with benefits, which include specialist underwriting expertise, a world-wide office network providing claims management services, and first class risk management and loss prevention advice. www.ttclub.com



Asyconnect stream lines the customs clearance procedure for countries that use Asycuda, a UN developed platform for governments’ own Customs departments in more than eighty countries world-wide. Much of the information required by Customs, is already captured by different client information systems be they exporters, importers, carriers and logistics providers. Asyconnect develops interfaces that captures and consolidates this information and generates files that can be read into Asycuda for validation and lodging. Automating this procedure reduces additional data entry and the time taken for clearing cargoes.


The Cavotec Group is a global leader in supplying innovative power supply solutions that enable operators to improve their efficiency and sustainability. The Cavotec Group is committed to providing customers with as many pollution reducing solutions as possible, striving all the while to design and manufacture new technologies affordably and practically. With operations on all five continents, the Cavotec Group is uniquely positioned to provide a local customer oriented approach while being backed by the worldwide Cavotec Group network. www.cavotec.com/

Since 1993, Prodevelop has been providing its services in IT and Communication in the Maritime and Port Sector. Prodevelop is an organization highly focussed on R&D I + D + i. And as a result of many years of research we have developed a portfolio of vertical solutions which easily solve the management and operational needs of any kind of port. Our solutions add value to ports improving efficiency and productivity, also removing the need of paper, all through automated digital processes and electronic interchanges. With offices in Valencia, Barcelona and Algeciras, and customers in Europe, Africa, America and Oceania. And its team of more than 70 highly qualified professionals, it has shown sustainable growth and profitability over the years. www.prodevelop.es/



APGE - Administracion de Puertos de Guinea Ecuatorial

DP World Institute, headquartered in Dubai and with activities on six continents, is committed to delivering high performance outcomes to individuals and organisations through learning, using the best available methods, tools, expertise and resources for guidance and support. They work with leading international business schools, universities, professional bodies, consultants and in-house experts to create quality courseware that is relevant and focused. http://dpworldinstitute.com/

LASE is one of the worldwide leading companies for laser-based sensor applications for the industry. 

We offer innovative and productive solutions by combining state-of-the-art laser technology and sophisticated software applications. The broad product range of precise and reliable 1D-, 2D- and 3D laser measurement systems can be applied for several industry sectors. Profiles, positions, dimensions and volumes can be determined exactly.

Founded in 1990, our German-based company became a Global Player throughout the years that is internationally represented by branch offices or distributors. A close cooperation with our customers is important for us with a high emphasis on an efficient and successful project implementation. http://www.lase.de

The Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) is established across the globe as the leading representative body for all those involved in the lifting industry worldwide.

A respected and authoritative representative body for Members who work in every aspect of the industry, from design, manufacture, refurbishment and repair, through to the hire, maintenance and use of lifting equipment.
LEEA has played a key role in this specialised field for over seventy years, from training and standards setting through to health and safety, the provision of technical and legal advice, and the development of examination and licensing systems.

They represent members at the highest levels across a range of both public and private bodies, including various government departments, as well as nationally and internationally recognised professional and technical institutions. http://leeaint.com/

Merford is a supplier of operator cabins, control stations and components for cranes. By paying attention to every detail and every specific wish, we enable operators to work with greater enjoyment and efficiency. In many instances, the use of our cabins translates into a demonstrable decrease in absence due to illness and into higher operator productivity. Each cabin can be fully designed to meet your wishes, and of course, our cabins meet all legal requirements. www.merford.com

The aim for Port-Safety is to save lives.

We have created an innovative product improving safety at ports globally. The product is called LifeLadder.

LifeLadder is an innovative safety ladder for the quay wall. It is a game changer, as it increases safety at harbor fronts by addressing two main problems, that have existed for decades: Visibility and Maintenance.

LifeLadder is made of reinforced synthetic modules in a bright, yellow color that ensures visibility during daytime. Solar-powered LED lights provide visibility at night and clear direction to safety. The robust and non-corrosive materials in use are maintenance-free and have already proven their worth in harsh maritime environments. www.port-safety.com

TT Club
 is the international transport and logistics industry’s leading provider of insurance and related risk management services.  As a mutual insurer, TT Club exists to provide its policyholders with benefits, which include specialist underwriting expertise, a world-wide office network providing claims management services, and first class risk management and loss prevention advice. www.ttclub.com