8th ICCVM Conference 2018

Podium Presentations

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Friday, March 23, 2018

10:00 am - 11:30 am

Montclair B
A - Practicing and teaching team communication; relational coordination

PodA1 - A Pilot of Relational Coordination as an Intervention Tool for Communication within a Veterinary Practice
PodA2 - Co-producing Animal Healthcare: A Multiple Stakeholder Perspective   
PodA3 - Team Effectiveness, Personal Empathy, Professional Quality of Life and Job Satisfaction in Companion Animal Practice
PodA4 - Veterinary Technician Training at Yakima Valley College:Team Communication as a Standard Of Care
PodA5 - The Veterinary Nurse-Client Communication Matrix Project 

Montclair A
B - Developing communication curricula

PodB1 - Educational Research Report: Survey of Communication Curricula across Colleges of Veterinary Medicine in North America 
PodB2 - Finding Space to Teach Communication in a Packed Curriculum: An Opportunist's Guide 
PodB3 - Defining Veterinary Employability: Stakeholder Evidence Reiterates the Importance of Communication Skills in Employability 
PodB4 - Alignment of Veterinary Consultations with Two Consultation Models 

2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Montclair A
C - Obesity discussions; approaches to motivating change 

PodC1- Veterinarian Communication on Herd Health: A Feasibility Study of Motivational Interviewing and Farmer Change Language
PodC2 - Futureherd; The Vets Role In 'Feedforward' and 'Adapted Motivational Interviewing' CreatingPositive Behaviour Change in Herdhealth
PodC3 - How can veterinary communication inspire farmer behaviour change? A qualitative investigation
PodC4 - Weight Management Consulting Skills Program – Engaging veterinary practices and pet owners in weight management
PodC5 -  The Impact of Wording on the Information Gained From a Veterinary Diet History Question

Montclair B
D - Techniques for enhancing communication teaching and learning

PodD1 - Facilitated Peer To Peer Learning of Workplace Skills with Veterinary Students: A Co-Curricular Activity
PodD2 - Effects of Communication Training On Ability to Identify Key Interpersonal Skills Using Videotaped Simulations
PodD3 - Authentic Evaluation of Communication Skills by a Video Assignment for Preclinical Veterinary Students
PodD4 - A Pilot Study of an RDVM Telephone Communication Training Program for Small Animal Rotating Interns
PodG4 - Putting Social Media to Work: Using Private Facebook Groups to Teach Communication Skills

Saturday, March 24, 2018

11:30 am - 1:00 pm

Montclair B
E - Impact of context and culture on veterinary practice 

PodE1 - Consultation Context: It's Not Just About Communication
PodE2 - Conversations for Success
PodE3 - Vet and Client Attitudes to Decision Making In Small Animal Consults in the United Kingdom
PodE4 - Building a Relationship Centered Approach for Faculty and University Services

Montclair C
F - How veterinarians communicate; what they expect from communication; telemedicine 

PodF1 - Veterinarians’ Use of 58 Evidence-Based Communication Skills: An Environmental Scan
PodF2 - Equine Referring Veterinarians’ Expectations of Equine Veterinary Specialists and Referral Centers
PodF3 - The Relationship between Pet-Owner Satisfaction and Loyalty: The Mediating Role of Communication
PodF4 - Improving Client Relationships and the Competitiveness of Your Clinic through Video-Enabled Telemedicine
PodD5 -Integrating Clinical Reasoning and Medical Problem-Solving in to Clinical Communication Training Using Online Case-Based Scenarios

2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Montclair B
G - New perspectives on the competence curve, managing expectations, and social media

PodG1 - Using the Updated Competence Curve: A Case Study
PodG2 - Rethinking the Competence Curve: An Update to a Classic Communication Training Tool
PodG3 - Managing Expectations in a Veterinary Consult- who is Saying What?

Sunday, March 25, 2018

9:45 pm - 11:15 pm

Montclair D
H - Euthanasia discussions; impact of wellness, resilience on practice
PodH1 - Euthanasia Discussions: A Comparison of Veterinarian and Standardized Client Perceptions of Veterinarian-Client Communication
PodH2 - Facilitating Euthanasia Conversations
PodH3 - Mental Health and Wellness in Veterinarians: Impacts on Client and Patient Care
PodH4 - The Impact of Workplace Communication on Resilience in New Graduate Veterinarians
PodH5 - An Analysis of Empathic Communication during Veterinary Student Consultations in a Veterinary Teaching Hospital