8th ICCVM Conference 2018

International Conference on Communication in Veterinary Medicine

Innovating in Clinical Communication: Education, Research and Practice


The ICCVM is a unique, interactive conference that links current research in veterinary communication to practical applications in veterinary-client interactions, veterinary team dynamics and veterinary communication education and curricula development. Participants are a diverse, progressive interdisciplinary group of veterinary practitioners, veterinary medical educators and researchers who represent the leading edge of professional communication advancement. The conference offers considerable opportunity for networking and sharing innovative ideas.
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  • To create knowledge, present findings and enhance communication and outcomes for veterinary professionals, clients, patients, educators and researchers. 
  • To develop evidence-based educational programs and curricula that foster communication with clients and colleagues from professional veterinary education to continuing education. 
  • To promote communication research relevant to veterinary practice and teaching-learning.
  • To recognize effective communication techniques, protocols or programs in veterinary practices that have a positive impact on outcomes for veterinary professionals, clients and patients.
  • To integrate communication and other clinical competencies including medical knowledge, physical examination and clinical reasoning.
  • To expand the domains of communication to all aspects of public, corporate and private veterinary practice.
  • To foster and make connections between communication teaching, research and practice in veterinary medicine in order to establish a critical mass and develop collaborations to promote communication in veterinary medicine.


  • Hospital team members seeking skill development with client interactions and team dynamics 
  • Practitioners who have responsibility for supervising or coaching their practice team 
  • Faculty or practitioners who teach communication skills 
  • Course directors and veterinary educators who are responsible for designing communication curricula
  • Researchers of communication in veterinary medicine
  • Industry partners who are taking a leadership role in enhancing communication in the veterinary profession


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