IAU 6th Global Meeting of Associations (GMA 6)
Documents & links on Social Innovation
To learn more about social innovation, the IAU made a non-exhaustive selection of websites and publications for your reference.  Suggestions for other initiatives and websites to be included are welcome.

New!! - IAU Horizons, volume 21. n°1 just released!

In preparation for the IAU Global Meeting of Associations 6, this issue offers reports on IAU priority areas, new projects and initiatives, especially LGEU, and upcoming events and conferences.

In line with the theme of GMA-6, the In Focus section presents a variety of views on Social Innovation: Challenges and perspectives for higher education.

The magazine includes papers from the IAU President, Canada, Sweden, Jamaica, Thailand, Spain, Malaysia, USA, South Africa, Canada, Mexico, OUI-IOHE, UDUAL, Ashoka. They are to fuel discussions on this topic in your institutions, organisations and networks.

As well, the magazine presents Institutions and organisations that IAU is pleased to welcome to Membership, the Association’s latest publications, a selection of books received for inclusion in HEDBIB, calls for papers and participation.

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- The Australian Center for Social Innovation (TACSI) "exists to help find new ways of tackling our big, stuck social problems like child abuse and neglect, Indigenous disadvantage, and the challenges of ageing and caring".

- The Réseau québécois en innovation sociale has been created to share and mobilize knowledge and experience that help make social innovation an essential lever for sustainable development of Quebec.
  • Website (in French): www.rqis.org
  • Déclaration québécoise pour l'innovation sociale is available here (in French)
  • Indicateurs d’innovation sociale à travers le monde – bibliographie commentée is available here (in French)
  • Direct access to their library available here

- The Centre de recherche sur les innovations sociales – CRISES (Center for research on social innovations) is an interuniversity and multidisciplinary research centre. It brings together about sixty researchers from all around the province of Quebec.

- The Toronto Centre for Social Innovation is a social enterprise with a mission to catalyze social innovation in Toronto and around the world. "We believe that society is facing unprecedented economic, environmental, social and cultural challenges. We also believe that new innovations are the key to turning these challenges into opportunities to improve our communities and our planet".

United Kingdom
- SIX – Social Innovation Exchange: “Over the last seven years, SIX has inspired, connected and supported thousands of individuals and organisations, across sectors and industries, to build the field of social innovation globally. [It brings] together people from diverse perspectives to exchange and share how to accelerate social innovation.” 

United States
- Ashoka U catalyzes social innovation in higher education through a global network of entrepreneurial students, faculty and community leaders. “We empower emerging leaders with the freedom, confidence and support to address social problems and drive change. We connect these Changemakers with other students, faculty, administrators and community leaders to share inspiration, ideas and resources.”
- The Stanford GSB Center for Social Innovation. Launched in 2000, The Center for Social Innovation has been at the forefront of the emerging field of social innovation. “Our mission is to bring social and environmental change in the world. Through research, education, and experiential learning we strengthen the capacity of individuals and organizations to develop innovative solutions to complex problems.”

A selective bibliography can also be downloaded by clicking here.