IAU 6th Global Meeting of Associations (GMA 6)
The International Association of Universities
Building a worldwide higher education community

IAU, founded in 1950, is the UNESCO-based worldwide association of higher   education institutions. 

It brings together institutions and organisations from some 120 countries for reflection and action on common concerns and collaborates with various international, regional and national bodies active in higher education.

Its services are available on the priority basis to Members but also to organisations, institutions and authorities concerned with higher education, as well as to individual policy and decision-makers, specialists, administrators, teachers, researchers and students. 

For more information about IAU please consult the following resources:
    Information about the application process, membership categories, admission requirements, benefits and membership fees is available on the IAU website, www.iau-aiu.net  (see page Join IAU).

    Do not hesitate to contact Ms. Trine Jensen should you wish to learn more about Membership in IAU.

    The Inter-American Organization for Higher Education (IOHE)
    IOHE: the only inter-American voice of its kind

    The IOHE is the only university association on an inter-American level; it is also an active member of the International Association of Universities (IAU). 

    The IOHE´s updated mission comprehends its Strategic Orientations, which are based on six principal axes: Human Capital, Common Spaces, Internationalization, Innovation, Governability and Visibility. These are, in turn, shared with similar associations, at a global level. 

    Additionally, the IOHE has reached its objectives, due to its three main tools, the programs: the Institute for University Leadership and Management (IGLU), the College of the Americas and CAMPUS, through which the IOHE has achieved 40 strategic actions, out of 52, planned to be developed and established during the 2011-2016 period. The referred accomplishments were the result of the mobilization of 8 095 participants, who joined these actions and allowed the creation of nine common spaces in the Americas.

    For more information about IOHE, please visit: www.oui-iohe.org/en/ 

    Université de Montréal (UdeM)
    It shines by faith and knowledge

    Founded in 1878, the Université de Montréal with its two affiliated schools, the École Polytechnique and HEC Montreal, is today the first university in Quebec, the second in Canada and the 83rd in the world according to the prestigious QS Word University ranking.
    UdeM welcomes more than 55,000 students, employs 10,000 people, awarded nearly 10,000 degrees at all academic levels yearly, and offers hundreds of programs, covering all fields of knowledge.
    Rooted in Montreal, international by its mission, the Université de Montreal is one of the largest universities in the Francophone World.
    The UDM campus, which brings together green areas and modern architecture, follows the great tradition of North American campuses.

    To visit the campus please click here.

    For more information about UdeM, please visit: www.umontreal.ca