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Montreal and its surroundings
The province of Quebec, Canada

A vast territory, the province of Quebec is a world unto itself, where the natural world reigns.  It is also a world apart, where differences are cultivated with passion.  Its turbulent history, where the Inuits and the Native Americans were the first actors, is in evidence everywhere.  If its francophone population sets Quebec apart from the other nine provinces, one should not overlook the fascinating human mosaic which makes up the province.  Indeed, the “Belle Province” and its two principal cities, Montreal and Quebec, remains a land of migration.  As for the Saint Laurent River, it forms the backbone of a land where the scent of adventure is never far away.

Montreal in a few words

As one of the most dynamic, cultural, and historic cities in North America, Montreal embodies the spirit of the “Belle Province” for all visitors: its joie de vivre, openness and determination to follow its own path.  A francophone metropolis with roots in an Anglo-Saxon universe, Montreal distinguishes itself with its fascinating mosaic of communities from around the world.  Its eclectic music scene mixes French chanson, jazz and progressive rock, while the visual arts are the object of major exhibitions. Cinema is not left behind, with Montreal offering many art-house cinemas and festivals.
French bistros stand alongside Jewish delis, Italian trattorias, steakhouses and Chinese restaurants, with dishes from Thailand, Vietnam, Lebanon and West Africa adding an exotic touch.
For those who enjoy being outside, Montreal is criss-crossed by many cycle paths, a luxuriant park covers a big part of Mont Royal and the Lachine canal provides an opportunity to enjoy a bit of kayak.

Getting around in Montreal

Montreal offers an efficient public transportation network, with a metro system and many bus lines.
The website of the Société des transports de Montréal provides all the information you may need to get around.

To learn more about the metro and discover its map, please see

To learn more about the many bus lines, please see: www.stm.info/fr/infos/reseaux/bus