IAU 2017 International Conference
The day programme of the International Conference and the GMA will take place at University of Ghana in Accra, Ghana. More detailed information will be provided in due course.

Host and partners:

Univeristy of Ghana

University of Ghana, the premier university and the largest university in Ghana, was founded as University College of the Gold Coast by Ordinance on August 11, 1948 for the purpose of providing and promoting university education, learning and research.

University of Ghana is administered through a collegiate system which comprises the Colleges of Basic and Applied Sciences, Education, Health Sciences and Humanities. In addition, the University has several research institutions and centres of learning and research, including Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research (NMIMR), Centre for Tropical, Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Regional Institute for Population Studies, Institute for Environment and Sanitation Studies and the Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research.

As part of its vision to become a world-class research intensive institution, the University is focusing on promoting international collaboration on a number of research initiatives to enhance the University's research output. Through the research institutes and other centres of learning and research, faculty members are involved in studies that support policy making for national development, often in collaboration with other international institutions. In additional several agreements have been establlished with universities in Africa, Europe and North America for student, faculty and staff exchange, and for collaborative research.

The student population is over 38,000 made up of students enrolled on our regular programmes, sandwich programmes and distance education programmes. The growing number of international students come from over 70 countries to join either the regular undergraduate and graduate programmes, or enroll on the 'study abroad' and other special programmes designed for international students.

University of Ghana has over the years built an image as one of the region's reputable universities, which makes it the first choice for academics, researchers and students.

More information: www.ug.edu.gh

Association of 
Universities (AAU)

The Association of African Universities (AAU), founded in 1967, is an international non-governmental organization set up by the universities in Africa to promote cooperation among themselves and between them and the international academic community. It has some 300 member institutions from African countries.
The Association provides a platform for research, reflection, consultation, debates, co-operation and collaboration on issues pertaining to higher education. It provides a range of services to its members and serves African higher education in a variety of ways. It has established and increased its role in the five sub-regions of Africa and can assemble teams of experts in relevant fields from the sub-regions. The Association has carried out a number of studies and workshops on higher education issues in Africa, conducts many programmes and initiatives, and manages the Database of African Theses and Dissertations (DATAD) and the Roaster of African Professionals (ROAP).

More information: www.aau.org