Working-Level Meetings at HRO Summit Europe
Meet Directly with Colleagues to Discuss Working- and Functional-Level Issues

At any event it is critical that delegates leave with their questions answered. In 2009 we facilitated many pre-arranged and on-site 1-2-1 meetings between practitioners, providers and advisors. For 2010 we have again convened some of the leading minds in the field – both from a buyer, advisor and provider perspective.

At the HRO Summit Europe we will hold hands-on sessions for users of these services to meet directly with their working-level colleagues from service providers and their functional-level equivalents from peer companies.

The Summit provides a unique environment for these roll-up-your-sleeves meetings and will save your company money by allowing you to hold multiple working meetings in one place.

In addition to the learning content and visionary sessions, these working meetings will provide an opportunity for delegates to get actual work done in the main body of the program.

To hold a user group session or other working-level meeting at the Summit please contact .


Connect at the HROA Clinic
In addition, we are also pleased to introduce the HROA Clinic for the second time. This is a dedicated area where practitioners can drop by and ask questions pertinent to their business. The HROA will be able to update delegates on developing standards, best practices and innovative approaches. Attendees can also be advised of new and emerging practices, services, tools and other solutions that the HROA are working on to assist in the future of the HRO marketplace in Europe. Both practitioners and providers will be on hand throughout the event for networking purposes and you will also be able to discuss the benefits of membership during the event as well.