Amsterdam 16-18 Nov 2010                                                                                                 The People Driven Economy


How do you host sessions at the Summit?  Watch this video. 


How do I host sessions at the Summit?  Myths & Realities

Decision-makers don't go to conferences, right?  Right.  They come to HRO Summits.

Last year we held the single largest gatherings of HR decision-makers.  Executives with real purchasing power, responsible for hundreds of millions in contract value.

HR executives enjoy sitting in the dark reading PowerPoint slides, right?  Wrong. 

Delegates want to interact -- with each other, with speakers, with panelists.  That's why we invite you to host a consequential conversation: an opportunity for influential people to come together and discuss the important issues that will change our organizations, our field, and the world.

HRO Summit is only for large market enterprise HRO, right.  Wrong.

Actually we're looking for a broad set of sessions across the following topical streams:  global payroll, global recruiting & talent management, global benefits outsourcing, learning, enterprise HRO, mid-market HRO.


The most valuable speaking opportunities are the sessions where everyone is in one big room, right?  Wrong. 
Different topics work best in different settings.  We will have three environments for you to host a conversation:

Big Picture Plenary Sessions
Discuss the macro-trends shaping our world:  the economy, politics, emerging technologies,
 demographics, culture, etc.  Share new data, shed new light, stretch the thinking of all our delegates.

Persistent Challenges Sessions
Governance, change management, contract negotiations, leadership.  These issues come up in every change initiative and contractual relationship.  Conduct insightful workshops on solving these issues.

Deep-Dive Sessions
Case studies, working meetings, complex issues.  HR executives really want to get into the details and spend time discussing the specifics.  Don't just gloss over the story.  Tell it in all of its gritty glory.


I have to submit a 5 page essay detailing the session I want to host, right?  Thankfully, no. 

Actually, don't write a thing.  We want to bring the Summit alive way before people show up on-site.  That's why we want you to submit a brief, 3-5 minute (shorter if possible!) video outlining your session.  We'll use these synopses to select sessions and we'll post them online for delegates to see as they review the program and register.  As you saw in Richard Crespin's invitation video you don't have to be beautiful, have a fancy video camera, or a high-tech studio.  Just use a webcam.  Make it simple.  Good lighting helps.


The summit program is awesome!  Delegates know exactly what to expect in sessions they register for, right? 

Unfortunately, no.  Delegates complain they don't always know what to expect from a session just by reading the online or printed program.  That's part of the reason for having video synopses:  they'll bring the Summit to life.


I have to make sure I plug my company over and over again during my presentation, right?  Please don't. 

Just don't.  Sessions must focus on the issues... and really get into them.  Sponsors will have dedicated opportunities to get commercial messages across:  in video clips before and after sessions, in pre- and on-site branding, and many other interactive settings.  Keep the commercial in the commercial and the content in the sessions.