Global Clean Energy Conference 2011

The program for the Global Clean Energy Forum has been developed with guidance from the Advisory Board. The program below is being updated regularly.

↓ Day 2

Tuesday 25 October 2011

Pre-registration networking drinks
Dinner for speakers, sponsors and special guests

Day One: Wednesday 26 October 2011

8.30 Registration & morning refreshments

09.00 Welcome remarks
Stephen Dunbar-Johnson, Publisher, International Herald Tribune
   09.05 Welcome to the City of Barcelona
   Excel·lentíssim Senyor Xavier Trias, Alcalde de Barcelona 
    09.15 Welcome to Catalonia
   Honorable Senyor Francesc Xavier Mena, Conseller d'Empresa i Ocupació 

09.25 Opening remarks
Kavita Maharaj, Chair, Global Clean Energy Forum

    9:35 The clean energy leaders' roundtable
  • Is political upheaval in the Middle East and the end of the nuclear renaissance focusing attention on renewables? As the world reassesses its approach to nuclear power and deals with increased volatility in oil supply, is now the time for renewables?
  • Are emissions reduction targets genuinely achievable? What do the world's energy leaders truly believe?
  • What are the most critical drivers and growth factors for renewables?
  • What do the world's leading energy companies want from government?

Tetsuro Nagata, President, Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation
José Manuel Entrecanales, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Acciona
Arthouros Zervos
, Chief Executive Officer, Public Power Corporation
António Mexia
, Chief Executive Officer, EdP
Mike Winkel
, Chief Executive Officer, E.ON Climate and Renewables
Anil Srivastava
, Chief Executive Officer, Areva Renewables

10.30 Morning refreshments and networking

11.10 Is there life beyond subsidies - what are the commercial and financial drivers for renewables?
  • How have cuts in feed-in tariffs and subsidies impacted the clean energy industry?
  • What is the actual cost of renewables if redundant capacity and transmission losses are factored in?
  • What mechanisms and incentives will help stimulate renewables and enable targets to be met beyond 2020?
  • Reconciling the disconnect between the short termism of markets and long term view for renewables: what conditions will make renewables attractive to investors?
Nelson Sam, Global Managing Director - Advisory Services, Thomson Reuters Point Carbon
Sean Kidney
, Chair, Climate Bonds Initiative

11.50 Shale gas = end of renewables?

Anouk Honoré, Senior Research Fellow, Natural Gas Research Programme, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies

12.15 What outlook for wind and solar against the challenge of unconventional fossil fuels?

Michael Lewis, Managing Director, Europe, E.ON Climate and Renewables
Christian Kjaer
, Chief Executive Officer, European Wind Energy Association

13.00 Lunch and networking

14:30 Emerging players on the clean energy stage
  • Will developing and emerging nations leapfrog energy development stages?
  • How will clean energy be scaled up in emerging markets?
  • How should IP and technology transfer issues and concerns be resolved?
Cornelius Matthes, Director, Business Alliances, Desertec Industrial Initiative
Dana Younger, Chief Renewable Energy Officer, International Finance Corporation
Riccardo Puliti
, Managing Director, Energy, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Manish Bapna
, Executive Vice President & Managing Director, World Resources Institute

15:15 Viewpoints: Investment criteria for green projects in a cold environment
  • If low fossil fuel prices and the economic downturn are preventing the fast adoption of a clean energy model, what does this mean for innovation in clean energy?
  • Does the smaller and more agile nature of start-ups give them an advantage over existing players in terms of attracting investor interest?
  • How do investors view risk in clean energy? How can risk be mitigated – and at what cost?

Ravi Suri, Head of Project and Export Finance of Middle East, Pakistan and Africa, Standard Chartered
Tom Murley
, Director and Head of Renewable Energy, HgCapital
Ian Temperton
, Head of Advisory; Board Member, Climate Change Capital
Jim Long
, Managing Director, Private Investments, Ecofin
Mike Taylor
, Chief Executive Officer, London Pensions Fund Authority; Treasurer, Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change

16.05 Afternoon refreshments and networking

16.30 EVs: Is the future electric?
  • As clean transport technologies evolve and Electric Vehicles become more commonplace, what charging infrastructures need to be put in place by local governments?
  • How will governments and manufacturers collaborate to encourage adoption of EVs?
  • What technological developments are required to ensure EVs reach their full potential?

Ingo Alpheus, Chief Executive Officer, RWE Effizienz

17.00 Viewpoints: What is the shape of the new energy mix, post-Fukushima?

Christopher Burghardt, Vice President, Public Affairs, First Solar
Sven Teske
, International Renewables Director, Greenpeace
Philippe Joubert
, Executive Vice President; President, Power Sector, Alstom
Helmut Engelbrecht, Chief Executive Officer, URENCO
Guest chair: Marcus Mabry
, Editor-at-Large, International Herald Tribune

17.50 Close of Day One, followed by drinks reception and networking

Day Two: Thursday 27 October 2011

08.30 Morning refreshments

09.00 Welcome back and recap of Day One

09.10 Day Two Keynote Interview
Managing volatility: Integrating renewables into the energy system

Fritz Vahrenholt, Chief Executive Officer, RWE Innogy

09.40 Delivering clean energy: The utilities and distribution panel
  • What level of investment are utilities making in clean energy?
  • How will utilities overcome the issues of storage and intermittency of transmission? Can renewables genuinely play a significant role? Is development in transmission grids key to the success of clean energy? What real progress is being made so far? How are advances in ICT contributing to the development of smart grids?
  • How will the growth in renewable require utilities to change their business models?
  • Resolving the issues of scale and demand
Luís Maria Pérez, Regional General Manager, Digital Energy Business, GE
Livio Gallo, Networks and Infrastructure Director, Enel
Ana Aguado Cornago, Chief Executive Officer, Friends of the Supergrid

10.20 New technologies: Game-changing innovations that will revolutionise clean energy

  • How fast is clean energy technology advancing – and who is leading the way?
  • As technological developments drive costs down and increase capacity, will renewable finally become genuinely cost-competitive with conventional energy?
  • How can nascent technologies and ideas be scaled up and translated for the future?
Prabhakar Nair, Vice President, Lanzatech Asia
10.40  How is China reshaping the clean energy landscape?
  • What is the impact of China's increasing dominance of the clean energy industry?
  • What are the prospects for collaboration in clean energy between China and the West? 
      Cunhui Nan, Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer, CHINT Group Corporation
     11.00 Keynote Interview
      Richard H. Jones, Deputy Executive Director, International Energy Agency 
    11.30  Morning refreshments and networking 

12.00 What does tomorrow's clean city look like?

      As urbanisation increases and pressures on resources become more intense, how can cities incorporate clean energy       technologies into their infrastructure?
 Fernando Rayon MartinDirector I+D+i, AGBAR 
 Assaf Biderman, Associate Director, SENSEable City Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
 Antoni Vives, Deputy Mayor for Urban Housing, City of Barcelona
  Woochong Um, Deputy Director General, Regional and Sustainable Development Department, Asian Development  Bank
 Antoni Martinez, Director, Catalonia Institute for Energy Research IREC 
   12.40 Outlook for Durban 
  • Does Cancun represent a new and more realistic political approach to climate change and energy?
  • What’s on the agenda for COP17? What can the clean energy community expect?
  • How will international governments and business work together to tackle climate change? Does the rise of super grids, increased technology transfer and greater cross-border activity in the renewable sector mean a more collaborative approach?

Alicia Montalvo, Director General, Agency for Climate Change, Spain
Matthew Kennedy, Co-Chair, IEA Renewable Energy Technology Deployment (IEA-RETD)
Michael Zarin, Director, Group Government Relations, Vestas
   13.20  Assessing the development of clean energy in Catalonia
Marta Subira, General Director of Environmental Politics, Generalitat de Catalunya
    Maite Masia, Director, Institut Catala d'Energia  
Ramon Carbonell, President, EoliCat
    Ramon Comellas, Chairman, ZEZ-SILKO 
    14.00 Closing remarks
   Honorable Senyor Lluis Recoder, Conseller de Territori i Sostenibilitat 
    Stephen Dunbar-Johnson, Publisher, International Herald Tribune 
15.30 Clean Energy Innovation Tour
      All participants are invited to join The Barcelona Clean Energy Innovation Tour organised by Ajuntament de Barcelona. The three hour guided bus and walking tour will allow you to discover why Barcelona is becoming the innovation hub of the Mediterranean and a smart city leader in clean energy, and help you maximise your visit to this dynamic and magnificent city.      
      The tour will take you around the most fascinating and interesting areas of the city including: 22@Barcelona, the Innovation District and the Forum Area, and will provide in-depth detail on 12 key clean energy innovation destinations in the city.
    18.30 Close of conference
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