Future for Sustainability Summit
1 October 2014 | Kings Place, London  
Over the years, sustainability has progressed from being solely a compliance and corporate social responsibility issue to a core business concern that is fundamental to long-term objectives and value creation. Those that seamlessly incorporate sustainability within their overall strategy not only benefit from improved cost margins and an enhanced corporate image, but also make valuable contributions to critical global concerns such as youth unemployment and resource scarcity. This insulates the organisation from future risks, and fosters robust relationships with customers, employees and communities. The challenge lies in prioritising the sustainability efforts which will create the highest value for business and society.

Themes to be addressed:
  • Why all-encompassing sustainability strategies are critical to long-term business success
  • The millennial generation view on business sustainability
  • What industry, government and educational collaborations are needed to ensure the next-generation is workplace-ready
  • How sustainability challenges can be transformed into opportunities
  • Achieving the right balance between business growth and sustainability
  • The impact of sustainability in shaping the future corporation