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Abstract Submission Deadline -Closed 23rd February 2018

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Authors are welcome to submit abstracts for the 7th meeting of the European Society for Evolutionary Developmental Biology (EED).  
Submissions and amendments to abstracts are now closed.

Key Points to Note When submitting

Step 1: Register to attend the conference online (registration opens Nov 2017) and you will receive access to the abstract submission system. 

Step 2: Use the abstract submission system to create your profile and submit an abstract for review. 
  • Abstracts are submitted via the online submission system.  Individuals must have registered to attend the conference in order to receive the special link to access the abstract submission system.
    Note: You will be required to provide your registration reference # as part of the abstract submission process. 
  • Use the special abstract submission link to establish your user name and password.
  • If you are submitting more than one abstract you must use the same login you have created for each abstract.
  • Please note that at least one author must be registered in full to attend and present the abstract at the conference and that an author must not present more than one oral presentation. 
  • You can alter your abstract at any time up to the submission deadline of 16th February 2018.
  • Abstracts will be reviewed and any abstract that was submitted for oral presentation, but was unsuccessful in that regard, will be considered for poster presentation.
  • The maximum length of an abstract is 250 words.
  • Do not include author names in the title or body of your abstract – these are entered online during the submission process. 
  • Click here to download the full detailed submission process
  • Please ensure you have reviewed the Conference Symposium Topics as you will be asked to select one, which is best aligned with your submission. 
  • For queries or assistance, please contact

Development constraints in the evolution of plants and animals  Dmitry Sokoloff, Yulia Kraus
Development properties driving speciation Rainer Melzer
Eco-Evo-Devo Kevin Parsons, Craig Albertson
Evo-devo of color pattern formation Claudius Kratochwil
Evolution of developmental patterning within a plant organ Beverley Glover
Evolution of regeneration in Metazoa Eve Gazave, Eric Rottinger
Evolution dynamics to shape phenotype and direction in evolution Koichi Fujimoto, Paul Francois
Floral evolution and development in non-model organisms Catherine Damerval, Sophie Nadot
Going beyond embryos - evolution of postembryonic development Nico Posnien, Micael Reis
Inherency in development and evolution Gerd Mueller, Stuart Newman
Mechanisms of gene regulatory network evolution Maria Ina Arnone, Paola Oliveri
Multilevel understanding of the evolution of animal structures and organ systems Sabrina Kaul-Strehlow
Niche construction, behavior, epigenetics, and the Extended Evolutionary Synthesis: uncovering the links between genes, development, form, function, ecology, and evolution and implications for Evo-Devo
Rui Diogo
Novelties in cell type evolution    Detlev Arendt, Gaspar Jekely, Jacob Musser
Phenotypic robustness, fluctuations and plasticity Kunihiko Kaneko
Progress and open questions in Spiralian evodevo Jose M. Martin-Duran, Cristina Grande
Rewiring motor systems to evolve a vertebrate head  Bernd Fritzsch
Single-cell RNA-seq: a powerful new approach for understanding the evolution of development Christopher E Laumer 
Systems biology of pattern formation Ezzat El-Sherif, Erik Clark 
The Evo-Devo of appendages   Joost Woltering 
The role of boundaries in organismal diversification  Madelaine Bartlett, Chelsea D. Specht 
Understanding morphological diversity at different evolutionary scales: Towards a multi scale synthesis Miltos Tsiantis, Angela Hay 
What does genotype-phenotype association tell us about development? Philipp Mitteroecker