AAPG ERC Barcelona 2014

Speaker Programme

Tuesday 13th May

08:30 Coffee & Registration 
09:30 Opening Remarks & Welcome
09:45 Keynote Presention: "Unconventional prospects in places with no unconventional a history"Terry Engelder, Profesor of Geosciences, Penn State University
10:15 Keynote Presentation: “Seismicity registered in the vicinity of Castor UGS” 
Carlos Barat, Director General, ESCAL UGS
10:45 Coffee Break

Room 1

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Exploration in European Alpine Fold and Thrust Belts
Session Chair: Attilio Schiavone

Modelling of Geological Processes
Session Chair: Miguel Angel Caja

11:15 The role of regional play based exploration in recent exploration success in the Dinarides - J. de Vera, M. Weale, K. Gerdes, P. Wagner, E. Clarke 11:15 
Propagation of blind normal faults to the surface in strong, cohesive stratigraphic  sequences: Insights from 2D discrete element modelling - S. Hardy 
11:40  New hydrocarbon plays in inverted Jurassic extensional basins of the Bohemian Alpine foreland (Eastern Alps, Austria) - P. Granado, W. Thöny, J. Anton Muñoz, P. Strauss 11.40 Vilomara Composite Sequence numerical modelling - R. Clavera-Gispert, O. Gratacós, M. López-Blanco 
12:05 Structural elements and petroleum exploration on the Apulian platform, Hellenic Fold and Thrust Belt, Zakynthos Island (western Greece) - A. Maravelis, A. Vassiliou, P. Tserolas, A. Zelilidis  12:05 Drainage network dynamics in an accretionary wedge: an experimental approach - M. Viaplana
12:30 From Foreland to Forearc in Greece – New Opportunities for Offshore Hydrocarbon Exploration - J Fürstenau, M. Schjeldsøe Bergi, O. Lie, G. Tsifoutidis, S. Bellas 12:30 Tectonics, surface transport and climate shaping relief and sediment budgets: A modelling perspective – Daniel García,-Castellanos, Ivone-Jiménez-Munt, Jaume Vergés


Exploration in European Alpine Fold and Thrust Belts
Session Chair: 
Josep Anton Muñoz de la Fuente
Modelling of Geological Processes
Session Chair:
Pablo Granado
14:00 Tectonics of the Western Black Sea back-arc basin as reveled by the architecture of its sedimentary fill - I. Munteanu, L. Matenco, G. Iusco, C. Dinu, S. Cloeting 14:00 Modelling Syntectonic Sedimentation in a Relay Ramp of an Extensional Fault System - A. Carmona, R. Clavera-Gispert, O. Gratacós, S. Hardy, J. Anton Muñoz de la Fuente
14.25 Stratigraphic re-evaluation of the Oligocene-Lower Miocene formations in the Diapiric Fold Zone, Eastern Carpathian, Romania - I. Munteanu, D. Popescu, V. Borosi, S. Dobre, V. Maioru, G. Iusco 14.25 Fault kinematics and basin geometries in early stages of rifting: outcrop analogues from the western High Atlas of Morocco - M. Domènech, A. Teixell, J. Babault, M.L. Arboleya
14.50 The Geological Framework of the Offshore Greece (-Hellenides and Hellenic Arc until eastern Crete): a Novel Insight from a New Regional Seismic Survey - V. Carayon, L. Montadert,  F. Roure, P. Helge Semb, S. Bellas, S. Stamataki 14.50 Process-based forward modelling of sedimentary basins: the SIMSAFADIM-CLASTIC approach - R.Clavera-Gispert, O. Gratacós, A. Carmona, R. Tolosana-Delgado 


Coffee Break

Deep Water clastic Environments
Session Chair:
Tomas Zapata
Basin Analysis
Session Chair: Vlastimila Dvorakova
15:45 Prediction of reservoir quality of turbidite systems in steep passive margins: a challenge for deepwater exploration -  J. Gerard 15:45 New Geological and Geophysical Perspectives on the Subsurface Structure of the Northern Tunisian Margin – Impacts on Petroleum Exploration Strategy - M. Soussi, S. Riahi, A. Jiménez Berrocoso, C. Sakher, M. Mekki

  16:10 The role of previous rift basin geometry in the postrift and contractional evolution of the Organyà basin and the Bóixols thrust sheet, South-central Pyrenees. - J. Mencos, N. Carrera, J. Anton Muñoz
16:35 Identification of sand injectites in log and seismic data - J. Gerard 16:35 Seismic and paleomagnetic constraints on the development of the Burgalesa Platform salient (Western Basque Pyrenees) - E. Carola, E. Beamud, E. Roca, J.A. Muñoz, Y. Almar, F. Escosa

Wednesday 14th May

09:00 Coffee & Registration 
09:30 Keynote Presentation: "Continental carbonates in rift basins: the role of climate versus tectonics" - A. M. Alonso Zarza, Vice President of the Spanish Geological Society
10:00 Keynote Presentation: “What’s the use of computer models?” - Dave Waltham,  Reader in Mathematical Geology, Royal Holloway, University of London

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Room 2

Hot Spots
Session Chair: Oscar Fernandez Bellon

Exploration in the Passive Margins of Europe
Session Chair: Telm Bover-Arnal

10.30 Evidences of salt tectonics around the Guadalquivir bank, Gulf of Cádiz (SW Iberia) - C. Giraldo, W.Hermoza, B. Amigo, R. Rocca, C. Martinez, Y. Malcroma, C. Rosales, R. Baudino, A. Martín-Monge, O. Fernandez, H. Welsink, L. Cascone, A. Olaiz, C. García-Mojonero, A. Arnáiz  10.30 
Exploration Pathways for Western Portugal – an Integrated Look to the Lusitanian and the Peniche Basins - R. Pena dos Reis, N. Pimentel
10.55 Predicting plays in the former disputed zone of the Barents Sea – the value of sequence stratigraphy. - O. Ralph 10.55 Mesozoic tectonic and paleogeographic evolution of the Gulf of Cadiz and Algarve basins, and implications for hydrocarbon exploration - A. Ramos, O. Fernández, P. Terrinha, J. Anton Muñoz, Á. Arnaiz 


Coffee Break

European Salt Basin
Session Chair:
Jean Gerard

Case Studies
Session Chair:
Andre Vayssaire
11:50 Salt tectonics within the central Mid-Polish Trough and its control on unconventional petroleum system - P. Krzywiec, M. Malinowski, F. Maio, T. Rosowski, M. Mulińska, M. Plech, M. Kufrasa, Ł.Słonka, M. Cyz, A. Gorszczyk 11:50 Challenges Exploring Unconventionals in Emerging Areas, North Africa Case Study - E. Figari Negri, M. Baena Garrido, L. Cameselle Ramos, M. Gonzalez Fernandez, C. Garrido. 
12:15 Salt Tectonics in the Northern Lusitanian Basin: An example of Interplay between Late-Variscan Heritage and Regional and Local Stress Fields - C. Ruela Nogueira, F. Ornelas Marques 12:15 New model of structure and evolution of the Lower Paleozoic Baltic Basin in N Poland based on regional seismic data - P. Krzywiec, P. Lis, V. Buffenmyer, M. Malinowski, M. Lewandowski
12:40 Jurassic diapirism of the High Central Atlas in Morocco – E. Saura, J. Verges
12:40 Linkage between the Southern and Eastern Carpathians: structural scenarios for the Bend Zone - J.J. Aristizabal, O. Fernandez



Conventional Plays
Session Chair:
Alex Marcuello

Case Studies
Session Chair:
Nuno Pimentel
14:05 Sandtrak: a new tool to further the understanding of sands within reservoir systems - A. Finlay, I.Sevastjanova, C. Roach, T. Morgan, T. Pearce 14:05 Undiscovered petroleum resources in the South-Eastern part of the Norwegian Barents Sea - A. Ramirez, M. Bjørheim, T. Høy, P. Blystad, B. Henriksen, I.Helene Madland, K. Ofstad
14:30 Reservoir characterization and sedimentological modeling of Lower Cretaceous, Leushinskaya and Vikulovo formations, based on log and core analysis. West Siberian basin, Shaim Region - C. Zavala,  M. J. Arcuri, J. R. Carballo, V. Goitía, R. Ismagilov, A Makarova, E. Evdokimova, R. Akmetzyanov, M. Ravilov  14:30 Application of chemostratigraphy and palynostratigraphy to the Mississippian of well Siciny-2, Poland - D. A. Riley, D. McLean, L. Hubert, P. Zwoliński, R. Klischies, T. J. Pearce
14:55 Peculiarities of migration of hydrocarbons in geological conditions of the South Caspian basin - A. A. Feyzullayev  14:55 Regional 3D basin and Petroleum System Modeling Study of the Murzuq Basin, Libya - A. Vayssaire

Coffee Break 

Extensional Basins
Session Chair:
Lluis Cabrera

Fractured Reservoirs
Session Chair:
Ramon Salas
15:50 The Aptian Shu’aiba reservoir (eastern Arabian Plate) compared to outcrop analogues from the Maestrat Basin (eastern Iberian Plate) - T. Bover-Arnal, R. Salas, J. Guimerà, J.A. Moreno-Bedmar  15:50 From mechanical modeling to seismic imaging of faults: A synthetic workflow to study the impact of faults on seismic - S. Hardy, C. Botter, N. Cardozo, I. Lecomte, A. Escalona
16.15 "Hydrocarbon Discovery Potential in Colombian Basins: Creaming Curve Analysis" - M. Orozco Bohorquez,T. Zapata 16.15 "Application of Pyrenean Fractured Carbonate Outcrops for Reservoir Characterisation" - J. Gutmanis, L. Ardevol i Oro
16.40 Analysis of an Unsuccessful Petroleum System formed in the Iberian Rift (Cameros Basin, N of Spain): What We Can Learn from a Paleo-Play? - S. Omodeo-Salé, J. Arribas, R. Mas 16.40 Structural Modelling for Shenzi Field Development - C. Augusto Agüero Lozano

Thursday 15th May

09:30 Coffee & Registration 

Room 1

Non-Seismic Geophysical techniques
Session Chair: Tomas Zapata

10:00 Mapping the structure of the Faroe-Shetland Margin using a newly merged high resolution gravity and magnetic dataset - S. Rippington, J. Warner, S. Mazur
10:25 How geomechanics leads to safer and faster drilling operations - E. López Puiggené, N. A. González Molano, A. Díaz Aguado, J. Alvarellos Iglesias, M. R. Lakshmikantha

Coffee Break

Unconventional Plays
Session Chair:
Bonnie Milne-Andrews
11:20 Inorganic geochemistry as a tool to improve the understanding of shale gas plays - T.R.Q. Morgan, A.J. Finlay, J. Martin 
11:45 Challenges in the research of the unconventional tight oil play in SW Pannonian basin (Croatia) - K. Krizmanić, S. Trogrlić

Gas shale: Why does so little frack fluid flow back out of the ground? - T. Engelder


Farewell Lunch


Poster Displays      

Posters will be on show throughout the duration of the conference.                                                                   

"Sedimentary facies in carbonate spring and fluvial environments in volcanic settings. Is it possible to predict porosity distribution?" - A. Rodríguez-Berriguete, J. Camuera, A.I. CasadoR. Martín-GarcíaA.M. Alonso-Zarza

"Geoelectrical characterization of fluid in hydrocarbon reservoirs: case study on the deep saline aquifer of Hontomín" - Xènia Ogaya, Alex Marcuello, Pilar Queralt, Juanjo Ledo, Eloi Vilamajó, David Bosch, Fabian Bellmunt, Magdalena Escalas, Perla Piña

"The West Mediterranean Salt Basin – Prospects and Plays in and around the North Balearic Basin, Offshore Spain" - Glyn Roberts, Trond Christoffersen, Olga Shtukert, Carmine Silenziario and Andrew Bishop

"Application of Pyrenean Fractured Carbonate Outcrops for Reservoir Characterisation" - Jon Gutmanis and Lluis Ardevol i Oro


"Geometry and facies heterogeneities of an Upper Jurassic oolitic-siliciclastic shoal (Ricla, Spain): a 3D outcrop reconstruction at reservoir scale" - J. Val, M. Aurell, B. Bádenas

"Depositional and Architectural Evolution of a Turbidite Channel System from Outcrop and Behind-the-outcrop Data: the Solitary Channel Complex (Miocene, Tabernas Basin, SE Spain)" - Marco De Matteis, Pau Arbués, Patricia Cabello, Pablo Granado, Miguel López-Blanco, Vitor Abreu, Timothy Demko, Mariano Marzo, Josep Anton Muñoz

"State-of-the-Art ion milling ablation applied to shale gas sample preparation" - Laura García, Miguel Ángel Caja, Jordi Tritlla, Virginia Sánchez, Irene González, F.J. Gómez, Santiago Quesada

"Role of salt in the geometry of extensional ramp synclines: insights from analogue models" - 
M. Roma, O. Pla, F. Escosa, O. Ferrer, O. Gratacós, E. Roca, A. Muñoz and M. Butillé


"Mesozoic extensional basins and their Cenozoic contractional inversion in an intraplate setting (Maestrat basin, Iberian Chain, E Spain)." - M. Nebot and J. Guimerà