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Marketplace General Assembly

27 - 28 June 2018 - Sofia, Bulgaria

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Shape up your city's thinking

Thematic Working Discussions for Demand Aggregation

In all, 21 theme-specific table discussions were held in three sequential 2-hour blocks. The focus for the tables was to understand what the market need was for that topic; what the EIP-SCC initiative had delivered in addressing it; and what actions could be taken to accelerate the overall readiness of the market for adoption. Topics were selected in order to offer opportunities to mix participation from across the 6 Action Clusters to help overall alignment and integration and stimulate cross-functional innovation:

Date Shaping Tables
27 June

    First Round

  • The "Humble Lambpost"
  • “Small Giants”
  • Buildings and Sustainable Mobility
  • Air Mobility in Urban Environments
  • In the Driving Seat: Empowering Citizens and Local Authorities to Shape an Autonomous Vehicle Future
  • Passenger Demand Driven First & Last Mile Solutions
  • Smart Urban Freight Logistics: Combined Passenger and Freight Transport
  • Policy Lab

    Second Round

  • Urban Platform
  • Space for Cities
  • Building partnership and regulation for deployment of New Mobility Services
  • Paving the Way for Intelligent Mobility in the Energy Transition – South/North Europe
  • UAM Initiative - Get to Know the Mobility Demonstration Projects of the Engaged European Cities
  • Dockless Bike-Sharing: Benefits and Challenges
  • SET Packaging Workshop
  • Global Values in City Making
28 June
  • Streetlighting and Smart Cities Financing Solutions for Cities and ESCO’s
  • Innovative Financing Cases
  • eMobility in Central and Eastern Europe: Challenges to Fast-Track Development
  • WG Intelligent Speed Adaptation ISA
  • Societal Engagement and Inclusive Participation