Explore, Shape & Deal

Marketplace General Assembly

27 - 28 June 2018 - Sofia, Bulgaria

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Explore What's On In Cities


This year’s Marketplace General Assembly hosted the launch of the Marketplace Explore Zone, an area providing opportunities for content-based networking.

With the Explore Zone combining Showcase Pods, the Knowledge Wall, the Fireside Chats and a Community Meetup Zone, the Marketplace General Assembly eqipped participants with vital knowledge to move forward with their projects.

In all, 24 topics were profiled, providing an overview of the EIP-SCC initiatives across the 6 Action Clusters. Action Cluster initiatives profiled included:

  • Integrated Infrastructure & Processes: Humble Lamppost; Urban Platform; 'Small Giants'; Space for Cities
  • Sustainable Urban Mobility: E-Vehicles for Smart Cities and Communities; New Mobility Services; Intelligent Mobility For Energy Transformation; Urban Air Mobility; Alternative Fuels Special Vehicles
  • Sustainable Districts & Built Environment: Positive Energy Blocks; Deep Retrofitting
  • Business Models, Procurement & Financing
  • Integrated Planning & Policy: From Planning and Implementation to Scaling up of Smart Cities; Tools for decision-making, management and benchmarking

Additional EC-funded projects included:

  • Smart City - Infrastructure Fund
  • LIFE: the EU funding tool