Edustat Ithaca

Come Be Part of Something Special!

Collaboration for Customization

Please bring your school or district leadership team to share experiences and insights to the Edustat Conference. Together, we'll improve our process for meeting students’ needs by looking at their work, analyzing data, and designing instruction.

Join us at Ithaca High School, July 29th - 30th!

Our Time Together

  • Keynote talks challenge us...inspire us to try something new.
  • Case studies showcase the work of practitioners who have discovered both best practices and pitfalls.
  • Workshops build skills for leading change, accessing and analyzing data, and using social media for teaching
  • Team time is embedded to design strategies for bringing new approaches back to school.
  • Free time invites you to share ideas and expand networks.
  • EduStat VODSPOTS and Twitter keep us in touch as we try new approaches during the school year.
  • Pre-Conference activities open our hearts, bodies, and minds to expand our thinking.


  • Putting Faces on the Data
  • Courageous and Connected Leadership


Individual: $370
Team of 3: $945 ($315 per person)
Team of 5: $1,325 ($265 per person)
Teams over 5: $1,325 plus $265 per each additional individual


Michelle at or 917-428-1857

If you are a New York Educator and have questions about registering via MyLearningPlan or about New York State aid, please contact Carolyn at or 607-257-1555 ext 353.