EDAA Summit 2016

08.00 – 08.30
Coffee & Croissants networking

08.30 – 11.00
Session 1: Better Regulation needs Ad Self-Regulation


08.30-08.35 | Welcome and introduction
         Oliver Gray

08.40-09.05 | Policy Keynote: The journey travelled and the opportunities ahead
         Robert Madelin

09.05-10.05 | Responsible advertising in the Digital Age
  • The value of Ad Self-Regulation in the digital space – Introduction to the Programme
    Townsend Feehan
  • Online advertising’s contribution to the development of a strong European digital economy
    Daniel Knapp
  • Panel
    Townsend Feehan - Moderator
    Daniel Knapp

    Max von Abendroth

    Jon Chase
    Themes for discussion:
    • The Value of Ad Self-Regulation in the digital space
    • The Value of Advertising: A Powerful Lever for a Strong Europe
10.05-11.00 | Consumer empowerment in the Digital Single Market
  • Revelations: Research into consumer attitudes and perceptions of the OBA Programme
    Kevin Mullen
  • Panel
    Dominique Ostyn - Moderator
    Kevin Mullen
    David Martin
    Dominic Lyle
    Charo Fernando Magarzo

    Themes for discussion:
    • How the OBA Programme delivers on consumer trust and privacy
    • Consumer protection delivered through well-recognised national ad standards bodies
    • Fit with Europe’s DSM Strategy
11.00-11.10 | Closing remarks

11.10 11.40
Networking Break w/ refreshments

 11.40 – 13.25
Session 2: Transparency, Choice and Control

11.40-12.35 | The OBA Programme is going mobile!
  • Opening presentation: Bringing the EU Principles to mobile - Technical considerations, compliance, and enforcement
    Nick Stringer
  • Panel
    Nick Stringer - Moderator
    Vincent Potier
    Tim Abraham
    Yves Schwarzbart
    Genie Barton

    Themes for discussion:
    • Value and implications for businesses across Europe
    • Grill the experts: moderator-led and open Q+A
12.35-13.15 | The global dimension
13.15-13.30 | Policy keynote: Consumer empowerment and online advertising
         Despina Spanou

13.30 – 14.25

Networking Lunch

14.25 – 16.00
Session 3: Looking to the future of Ad Self-Regulation

14.25-15.10 | Innovation and trends in digital advertising
  • Digital advertising: Driving positive societal change
    Thomas Kolster
  • Student Panel: Thoughts from student representatives of Brussels-based universities
15.10-15.30 | Self Regulation under the GDPR
  • GDPR overview & implications for the digital marketing industry
    Christoph Bauer
  • Impact of the GDPR on the future of the OBA Self-Regulatory Programme
    Mathilde Fiquet
15.30-15.50 | Policy keynote: Role of effective Self-Regulation and recognition in policy mix
         Laure Chapuis

15.50-16.00 | Wrap up: Smarter Regulation needs Ad Self-Regulation
         Nick Stringer

16.00 – 17.30
Networking Cocktails

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