ECPM 2014

Abstract submission guideline

Notifications of acceptance will be sent via email to the applicant starting early May.

Limit Submissions to N° 3 per profile

All abstract presenters must pay the registration fee ONLY after confirmation of their abstracts acceptance.


1. The title of the abstract must be entered in capital letters 

2. The text must fit entirely in the rectangular space allotted on this form 

3. The lines must be single-spaced.

4. All fields must be entered.

5. Personal data refers to those of the First Author.

6. The name of the First Author must be repeated in the "Authors" field too.

7. All authors' names and first author's name must be entered as follows: INITIAL. SURNAME (e.g. J. Smith).

8. In case of more than one affiliation please indicate them in the proper field, following the order pointed out for each of the authors.
(e.g. Authors: J. Smith 1, F. Lewis 2, A. Burton 3 Affiliation: 1 Saint Paul Hospital 2 Cambridge University 3 Oxford University).

9. Please note that the abstract needs to be structured and to include the following sections:
a) Brief Introduction
b) Materials & Methods
c) Clinical cases & Summary Results
d) Conclusion(s)

10. Case reports constitute an exception to this, and these should include the following sections:
a) Brief Introduction
b) Case report
c) Conclusion(s)

11. Please note that, if you do not received the email of submission confirmation after filling in the Abstract form, it means that you have not submitted your abstract correctly. Please, repeat the operation.

Abstract acceptance

The decision on acceptance and the preliminary program will be made by the scientific committee within May 10th, 2014.

At least one of the authors has to be registered to the conference otherwhise the abstract will be declined.

All accepted abstracts must be presented and discussed. There will be two formats: Oral presentation and Poster presentation which must hang during the entire conference for reference and ad hoc discussion.