ECPM 2014
Sponsor manual

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An APP containing the scientific aspects of the congress with a dedicated WIFI password so all the participants will be forced to go to the sponsor’s booth to get the password in order to download and interact with the APP at the venue and connect to the free WIFI.  The APP will be branded with the sponsor’s logo and will contain: scientific program, build your program, how to find a booth space, abstracts and how to contact the abstract presenters and so on.

Euro 10.000,00


Text your target - an sms message will be forwarded to all the congress participants with a message:  for example half an hour before the start of a company’s symposium, informing them that the symposium will start at … the……..hall, or other messages of the sponsor’s preference.           


Euro 8.000,00


Challenge the speaker :  a well structured interactive meeting for a small group of (invited) participants who will have the opportunity to ask questions directly to a key opinion leader on a hot topic which has not been covered during the official sessions of the congress. Click in the Challenge the speaker button to know more!


  Euro 10.000,00 


Steps for life:  pace counters will be handed out to the participants (branded with the sponsor’s logo) when ………  have been reached the Congress will donate a sum of money to a local charity society of the sponsors choice. Click on the Steps for Life button to know more!

Euro 8.000,00 + production cost of the pace counters and the donation of your choice to the charity of your choice  

Barcode readers: all the participants badges will have a barcode, companies will be able to sponsor the barcode readers in order to obtain the participant’s data while visiting their stand instead of asking the participant to fill in time wasting forms.

Euro 500,00 each

Please contact the congress organizers 

Ann Hartley
Fund Raising 
Tel: +39 02 34934404 ext. 212