FIDI 66th Annual Conference Dubai

FIDI Conference Dress Code

Dress code is business throughout the conference and for all conference events, unless otherwise stated.

Business means, shirt, jacket, tie for gentlemen and business attire for women.

Dubai enjoys a hot desert climate. March brings temperatures ranging from 17 to 28 degrees Celsius, with only a half inch of rain expected during the entire month. UV is high so sunscreen is advisable and the humidity increases slightly from previous months.

Please see below for a breakdown of dress codes per events.

FIDI 39 Club Sporting Activity - Camel Polo
Sporting attire:
     - Casual and comforatble
     - Sun Protection: Sunscreen / hat is recommended

Presidents of the FIDI Associations Dinner with the FIDI Board:
     - Shirt, jacket, tie
     - Business attire or cocktail dress for ladies

FIDI Welcome Reception @ Armani Pavilion:
      - Shirt, jacket, tie optional
      - Business dress or cocktail dress for ladies

People On the Move Event - Yellow Boats Tour:
      - Clothing: Casual clothing. Comfortable and loose fitting
      - Footwear: Comfortable. Sandles / flip flops / sports shoes
      - Sun Protection: Sunscreen / hat is recommended
      - Additional info: Guests may get slightly wet during the tour

FIDI Golf Tournament:
Please wear appropriate/standard golfing attire on the course:
     - Shirts with collars
     - Tailored shorts or trousers
     - Closed shoes with hard or soft spikes
     - Men may wear shorts with long stockings or short predominantly white socks

FIDI Fun Run:
Sporting attire:
     - Shorts or joggers
     - T.shirt or comfortable running top
     - Comfortable running shoes

FIDI Sightseeing Tour 1 - Sights & Sounds city Tour:     
       - Clothing: Casual, loose fitting and cool. Longer length shorts / skirts are recommended and a light cardigan, pashmina or tshirt to ensure shoulders are covered
      Footwear: Comfortable - lots of walking involved
      Sun Protection: Sunscreen and hats are advisable

FIDI Sightseeing Tour 2 - Abu Dhabi Sheikh Zayed Mosque:
     - Clothing: Modesty is key. Sheer and tight fitting clothing should not be worn. Shoulders, legs and arms should be covered. Ladies should carry a scarf or pashmina
     - Footwear: Comfortable
     - Sun Protection: Sunscreen recommended
     - Additional Info: Ladies will also be asked to cover their hair and a limited number of Abayas are available at the mosque 

FIDI 39 Club Party at XL Dubai:
     - Smart Chic

FIDI Gala Dinner @ the JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai:
Formal dress:
    - Suit and tie (black tie optional) for gentlemen
    - Evening dress or cocktail dress for ladies
    - Of course traditional dress is most welcome as well

A good guide to dress code can be found here.