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Is your data centre future ready?

The world is changing. In order to grow and thrive in the future, a company must be ready to take advantage of new opportunities for innovation. But today more than ever, a company is only as innovative as its IT.

Please join Dell and Intel at the Dell Enterprise Forum to learn how future ready enterprises are better equipped to manage growth and take advantage of technology innovation.

Be among the first to hear our vision for the software-defined future and the transformation from convergence to hyper-convergence as well as participate in detailed expert- and engineer-led sessions on the complete end-to-end Enterprise solutions portfolio.

Leverage the opportunity to reach out to our experts on a 1-1 basis by visiting the Dell and Intel® solutions expo and gain access to all our latest Enterprise technology.

We promise you a warm welcome, great learning opportunities, in-depth conversations and fun networking with your peers from across EMEA!

We look forward to seeing you in Copenhagen.