Seventh Annual CUGH Conference
Satellite Events | Multi-Sector Approaches to Global Health Security and International Research Partnerships


Friday April 8th, 2016
9:00 - 12:00 pm

Hilton Union Square Hotel in San Francisco
Continental 7

Registration is free but required (separate from the registration for the 2016 CUGH Conference sessions of April 9 - 11, 2016).

Two satellite panels will convene to:
1) Discuss the strategies and cooperation of the academic, non-profit, government and corporate sector in promoting and actively addressing the 11 action items of the Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA).
2) Examine challenges and opportunities in creating and sustaining international research to effectively address complex global health issues

CRDF Global has been a leading implementer of programs facilitating international collaboration to strengthen global health research and security challenges for over a decade. This session will include two panels separated by a networking break.

Working with partners and donors around the globe to address the prevention, detection and response to highly infectious diseases, CRDF Global believes that "safe and responsible science is at the core of global health security." In the fall of 2015 the G20 and United States announced plans and funding to support another 30 countries through Global Health Security Agenda Plans. CRDF Global will host and facilitate a set of interactive panel sessions that will explore the progress of GHSA across government, non-government and corporate sectors. The expert panel sessions will examine the progress thus far of GHSA and explore how a whole of society approach can address the global challenge going forward.


Mr. Marc Forino
Special Assistant
United States Department of State

Dr. Rebecca Katz
Associate Professor of Health Policy and Emergency Medicine
George Washington University

Dr. Jason Moats
Program Director
Emergency Services Training Institute / Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service

National governments have increasingly recognized the necessity of international collaboration to effectively address complex global heath challenges, something scientists have long understood. CRDF Global recognizes the difficulty in establishing effective programs to facilitate these partnerships, as international research requires a significant commitment from many levels and may be hindered by differences in language, culture, infrastructure, or joint funding mechanisms. A panel of scientists engaged in an existing international partnership focused on infectious diseases and a funding agency representative for biomedical research will examine challenges and opportunities in creating and sustaining international research. The complementary panel will provide unique perspectives on the potential of international collaboration to leverage diverse backgrounds for realizing transformative solutions.


Dr. Kathryn Jacobsen
Professor of Epidemiology & Global Health
George Mason University

Dr. Tobi Nagel
Founder and President
Phages for Global Health

Dr. James Meegan
Director, Office of Global Research
NIH National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases